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His Kids Think He Should Use His Inheritance From His Parents’ Estate To Pay Down Their School Debt, But He Says That’s Not How It’s Going To Work

by Trisha Leigh

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Even in the closest of families, end-of-life scenarios can really take a toll.

It’s stressful to say goodbye to a loved one regardless of circumstances, and when you add all of the decisions to be made – nevermind the money that changes hands – it’s no surprise things can get tense.

The easiest thing in the world to do should be to just follow the will…so why does it so often seem difficult?

This guy is putting his foot down about sharing with his kids – at least for now.

Check out why!

AITA for telling all my kids it so my inheritance and not using it to get them out of debt.

I have three kids, they all decided to go to expensive colleges. I paid for their books, and gave them money for food plan but tuition was on them. They knew from the beginning that college would be on them.

My youngest took some community college classes that to save money. The rest of the kids didn’t do much to lower their expenses. They are all out of college and a whole bunch of debt.

After his mother passed, he took the kids to see her home before he sold it.

My mother passed away and she gave me the house. I am selling it for around 500k. I plan use some of it for a big vacation and then the rest to go into my retirement fund.

I decided to let the kids have a look at the home first before it went on the market. It’s a really nice area and the house is great.

They were surprised by the amount and all of them couldn’t afford it. I told them I plan to sell it soon.

When they found out how much he would get for the sale, they thought he should share it with them.

This started argument about how I came into so much money put don’t plan to give them any of it. I told them it is my inheritance from my mother.

She wanted me to have this.

He says he’s helped them all a lot and they’re all adults now. It’s his to spend.

Argument escalated even more and they want me to pay off their school debt. If I did that I it would take 3/4 of my inheritance.

So I told them no.

I reminded them that when I die they will have their own inheritance from me but I am not dead yet.

They are pissed at me

Once he’s gone, they will all get an inheritance from him, and that’s how it works.

Does Reddit agree with him?

Let’s find out!

The top comment says they are all adults who made their own choices.

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This person has some more questions, though.

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You can’t force kids to be responsible.

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Not all parents feel the same way, though.

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He still has a lot of life to live.

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Y’all these kids have some nerve.

Let the man die first!

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