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His Manager Kept Wasting His Time, So He Made Sure To Get Paid For Sleeping On The Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

What’s better than getting paid to sleep?

The answer is NOTHING.

And that’s why this story from Reddit is so darn satisfying!

Take a look at how this worker gamed the system and won!

My boss told me to wait longer for deliveries. I did and I got paid for $16.50/hr for sleeping.

“I do overnight deliveries for 5 locations of a chain store. I get paid per delivery, not by the hour.

My manager told me I can deliver the overnight deliveries anytime at night as long as the shipment reaches the stores before 7:30 am when the stores open.

I have keys to all except the last store on my delivery route.

Gimme that key!

I would try to finish my deliveries by 7 am but I have to wait half an hour for the last store to open.

I complained to my manager saying I need that key for the overnight deliveries. MY manager kept on ignoring my requests.

It went on for a month. I wasted half an hour every day because of him.

One day I just skipped the delivery for the last store because I couldn’t take the wait anymore. This made my manager furious.

He called me and ordered me to wait by the last store until it opens.

I told him I don’t want to wait. He said the company will pay me $16.50/hr for the wait.


I happily said ok. The next night I started my deliver extra early and I reached the last store by 1 am.

I use an app to sign in whenever I reached a store then I sign out when I’m leaving the store.

So I signed in to the last store at 1 am and went to sleep until 7:30 am. then I delivered and signed out.

The company paid me $16.50 per hour just to sleep.

This carried on for 2 weeks until the manager got scolded by the higher ups and I got my key.”

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Getting paid for sleeping!

You gotta love it!

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