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His Neighbor Wants Him To Change His Dog’s Name Because It’s The Same As His Young Daughter’s, But He Told Him That’s Not Going to Happen

by Matthew Gilligan

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This has to be one of the most ridiculous and unhinged “Am I the *******?” stories I’ve ever read in my life!

And that’s saying something folks, because I’ve seen a ton of them!

Check out what happened to this guy and see if you agree with me…

AITA for not changing my dog’s name when my new neighbor’s child had the same name?

“I (36M) am the owner of a Great Pyr/Australian Cattle Dog mix named Charlotte (6F).

I live in a lower-middle class suburb in an unspecified United State. I have lived here for about a year now, and I let Charlotte out to go potty roughly six or so times a day.

It’s always the same routine: I open the back door, Charlotte runs outside to pee and “patrol” the yard (apparently it’s a Pyr thing), and doesn’t typically come bounding back to the door until I poke my head out and call her name.

About a week or two ago (maybe longer if I didn’t notice) new neighbors moved in across my back alley. I had no intentions of interacting with them whatsoever, like ever, except today when I was executing the last step of Charlotte’s aforementioned potty protocol.

Well, this is weird…

I stuck my head out and called her name, but this time, alongside the familiar sounds of my dog galloping up the porch steps, was an adult human voice shouting something along the lines of “WHY ARE YOU CALLING MY DAUGHTER??”

At first I thought it might just be my new neighbors getting into a spat, until a couple minutes later I heard pounding on my front door.

I opened the door to an angry man about twice my size glaring me down. He said something like “Why the **** are you calling my daughter into your house” and I responded “Your daughter’s name is Charlotte?” and he just kind of kept glaring at me.

Dude, relax…

In absence of a response I followed up with “Charlotte is my dog’s name, dude” and he rolled his eyes at me and said I “better” change my dog’s name because he doesn’t want his daughter (2F) getting confused and running into my house.

I told him that’s not going to happen because not only did my dog have the name first, we also lived here first, plus I don’t like strangers making demands of me before even attempting to be polite. What I DIDN’T say but really wanted to say is that teaching his child stranger danger is his responsibility, not mine.

This guy sounds like he has a screw loose…

He called me stupid and said that a human child obviously has priority over a dog for a name. I shut the door in his face and stared at him through the peephole for a moment before he eventually walked back to his house.

This last potty break, I went out with Charlotte and stayed in the yard with her until she finished her business, but this guy just kind of stood in his yard with his arms crossed and glared at me the entire time.”

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This guy belongs in a loony bin!

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