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His Neurodivergent Son’s Accomplishments Don’t Match Those Of His Siblings And Cousins, So This Dad Says He Can’t Celebrate Them The Same Way

by Trisha Leigh

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We all want our parents to feel proud of us – to celebrate us and brag to their friends about what we have accomplished.

I imagine it’s hard to be the “underachiever” in a family who go overboard winning Division I scholarships and the like.

Even though he empathizes with his son, this dad said he just can’t get on board with celebrating the accomplishments his son claims are his best ones yet.

Read on to find out whether or not you think he’s being awful.

AITA Because I do not celebrate my son’s accomplishments like I do his sisters’ and his cousins’?

I won’t go into my kids and their cousins achievements. They are many and impressive.

I have supported all of their interests with time and money.

This man made a bunch of money and used some of it to help his children and niblings flourish.

I made a fair bit of money a long time ago and I basically retired very young. I tried being a trust fund douche bag but I wasn’t cut out for it. I worked hard to get my money and I wasn’t raised wealthy. I was just very lucky during the dotcom boom.

I have three children and three nephews, on niece. I am doing my best not to brag about them. So I will say this. They took my money and time and used it to make amazing things happen for them.

He likes to celebrate them, but his son, who hasn’t risen to their level of achievement, is jealous.

And I celebrate their achievements. Both scholastic and athletic. I throw parties for them and I give them great presents.

My son is jealous because I do not have parties for his achievements.

He is a great kid and quite smart. He isn’t a natural athlete but neither am I by any stretch of the imagination.

He does well in school but I know that I will be paying out of pocket for him to attend whatever school he gets into.

I also host parties for him and his friends. I just don’t celebrate him as much.

So, when he came and said he wanted to celebrate a video game achievement, Dad said ok but not like he celebrated the others.

He had complained about this. So last week I asked him what achievement he wants to celebrate.

I kid you not his answer was that he had maxed out his fishing stat in Final Fantasy 14.

I know all those words. I even know that game.

What I do not get is how a fifteen year old kid thinks that is on the same level as getting scouted for a Div 1 athletic scholarship.

I said he could have a party but that I wasn’t sending out invites with that as the reason.

He admits he’s being judgemental, but is he wrong to be?

He is upset and my wife thinks I’m being judgmental.

Which I am. I am judging him. And wondering where the heck I went wrong.

I’ll answer a couple of questions I know will be asked.

Yes I love my son very much.

Yes he is on the spectrum.

No I don’t think that is worth celebrating.

No I cannot bring myself to celebrate that.


Reddit is going to turn the judgement around on him, so let’s see!

The top comment says surely he can come up with something to celebrate.

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Perhaps his dad’s standards are too high?

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And maybe his kid needs help thinking outside the box?

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They’re worried about the kid’s self esteem!

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Maybe he’s thinking about this parenting thing all wrong.

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I mean…I’m kind of with the dad on the party thing.

That said, I’m sure he could do more to make his son feel loved on a regular basis.

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