June 14, 2024 at 6:45 pm

His New Neighbor’s Kid Is Allergic To Bees, But He Won’t Remove His Bee Hives Because That’s Not His Responsibility

by Ashley Ashbee

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Having a child with a life threatening allergy is frightening and a lot of people will take extra precautions for you to reduce the risk of anaphylactic shock.

The person in this story is not one of those people. Check out his story below.

AITA For wanting to keep my bees even though my new neighbor’s son is highly allergic to them?

I have been keeping bees as a hobby for six years now. I have 4 hives in my suburban backyard along with a large garden.

My hives are all properly registered and are legal to keep in my town as of right now.

The problem is that my new neighbors have asked me to get rid of my bees.

They purchased the house and moved in over the winter and hadn’t noticed my girls until this spring.

If you want to call the new neighbors Karens, hold your horses.

Apparently their son is highly allergic to bee stings. He has been hospitalized more than once and has to carry an Epipen.

They asked nicely but seemed a little upset when I said I don’t think I could do that. They didn’t push the issue with me further.

I saw a rant on Nextdoor that I am sure was written by them.

The review really escalated things.

Some time after that some of the bee hating Nextdoor people went to our town board and tried to get bee keeping outlawed in our town.

Luckily it didn’t pass and they had mentioned in the minutes that current beekeepers would have to be grandfathered in if it did.

My neighbors and I aren’t really on speaking terms now.

AITA For wanting to keep doing my hobby?

Here’s what people are saying.

Bees are super important, but my nephew has a life-threatening allergy and I can’t support having them so close to neighbors.

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Same here. I probably wouldn’t let my allergic nephew play in the backyard because of this.

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I haven’t either. It’s the proximity that I can’t support. If they were in the country with acres of line, I’d be okay with it.

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That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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I second this. I suspect there are a lot of libertarians in the comment section.

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We need bees. But not here.

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