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His Parents Keep Pressuring Him To Cook for His Younger Stepsiblings, But He Doesn’t Think It’s His Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Wow, this story is, just…wow…

Talk about putting a lot of pressure on a teenager for no apparent reason!

And he wants to know if he’s out of line for how he’s reacting to all this nonsense.

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for not making food for my dad’s stepkids?

“I (16m) make my own lunch for school.

I started making them when I was 11 and my mom was sick with cancer and now I make all my lunches.

My dad refuses to give me lunch money for school, said no way to making them (mom made his and now he pays for lunch every day) and doesn’t want to give me permission to eat outside school (which is an option with parents consent) because he’d need pay for that.

What else is he supposed to do?

So I make them. I work part time and so I started paying for the ingredients I use in my lunches.

My dad got married 2 years ago. His wife has three kids who are 5, 7 and 8 now.

For about a year there’s been this issue where my dad and his wife want me to make all four lunches.

They said if I’m making my own I should make my “siblings” (and I say “siblings” because they’re not my sibling) lunches too to save their mom time and to streamline everything.

I said no and my dad’s wife was shocked.

She called me out for making stuff only for myself. She said it’s crazy that I would look at my “siblings” and not want to make a few things for them too.


It escalated to where they said I shouldn’t get to eat their dinners if I won’t participate in taking care of the family.

So I buy my own dinner stuff now and make my own.

Now they’re calling me out for doing that.

They said I could make dinner for all four of us and then we could eat dinner earlier and my dad and his wife could do something else.

My dad’s wife didn’t make lunches for her kids on several occasions to try and make me relent.

Their teachers ended up feeding them and writing to her about it. She was super mad and asked me if I was ashamed.

You gotta be kidding me!

I told her they’re her kids and her problem, not mine.

I also suggested she take it up with my dad if she’s unhappy and wants help feeding her kids because it’s not my job.

She said if dad won’t feed me, he won’t feed her kids. I shrugged her off.

Monday was a big day in all of this. I was home for hours alone and made a nice dinner. I was eating when my dad’s wife came home with her kids, who were hungry and she exploded on me and asked if I’d made the kids dinner.

I said no.

She demanded to make it up to them I make them lunch for Tuesday (yesterday) and I said no.

She called me a bunch of names and told me she can’t stand me because I’m supposed to be a decent kid and yet I won’t help feed her kids and it’s not how you treat family.

I told her because it’s not my job and we’re not a family.

I pointed out she married a guy who isn’t a good dad to his own kid, and how her only interactions with said kid were attempting to dump responsibility onto him (me) so she really has no reason to think I owe her anything.

Which of course let her to calling me all kinds of things, including an *******.


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