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His Sister-In-Law And Her Family Disrupted Their Peaceful Routine, So He Said Next Time They Visit They Have To Stay In A Hotel

by Trisha Leigh

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In-laws are a touchy subject in a relationship.

The person whose family of origin is under fire will almost always get defensive in an argument, and it can be hard to remember where your loyalties are supposed to lie.

And when people are running on too-little sleep?

Forget about it.

AITA For telling my wife her family needs to get a hotel next time they visit because of their kids

My wife (36f) and I (35M) have been married for 7 years and have a 5-year-old son.

My wife has 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her brothers live far away and she isn’t very close to them.

Both her sisters live within 2 hours of us and the three of them are very close. Both of her sisters have 2 kids.

The one sister has young kids who aren’t great sleepers, so his wife gave up their room without asking.

Her youngest sister, Jen (25F), has a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. Jen, her husband, and their kids came to visit us this past weekend for Memorial Day.

We have 3 bedrooms in our house. Our master, our son’s room, and a smaller guest room.

My wife decided on her own that we would let Jen and her family have our bedroom.

Apparently, Jen’s kids aren’t the best sleepers at home and if they are in an unfamiliar place, it’s even worse.

So, my wife offered Jen our room so all of them can be in one room and my wife and I would sleep in the guest room.

He wasn’t thrilled to learn what “bad sleepers” are actually like.

Turns out, that by “bad sleepers,” Jen meant that her kids wake up multiple times a night and then wake up for good at 5am every single day.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the last thing I want to do on a weekend is be woken up by a screaming baby at 5am 3 days in a row.

It wasn’t just the crying baby, but the fact that Jen and her husband would also be running around getting whatever the baby needed.

The commotion woke our son up, who then woke my wife and I up. Every day at 5am.

I spent the entire weekend tired and cranky.

To make things worse, Jen and her husband would take naps together whenever one of their kids was napping. Which left my wife and I to watch their non-napping kid.

They got into an argument after their guests left, and he tried to put his foot down.

I complained to my wife about being tired and she told me that her sister and BIL need the rest more than we do because this is their life everyday so we should help them get at least a little bit of a break.

But by the time Jen and her family left on Monday, all I wanted to do was sleep. Which I did, immediately after they left.

My wife got upset with me for napping because our son was also tired and cranky and was fighting her on everything. She woke me up so that she could take a break.

I later told her that next time her sister wants to come visit, they need to get a hotel because their kids sleeping habits are clearly disruptive to our entire family.

His wife doesn’t feel like she can ask her sister to shell out for a hotel.

She told me that she isn’t going to tell her sister to fork out hundreds for a hotel room when we have the space for them in our house.

She also said that Jen’s kids will become better sleepers as they get older.

I told her that every decision she is making prioritizes her sister over me and our son and she got defensive and told me I’m being a jerk.

Maybe I’m far enough removed from the baby stage that I’ve blocked it out, but I don’t remember ever being so disruptive to anyone when we were guests in their house.

They are supposed to come visit us again for the 4th of July and I’m already dreading it.

Can Reddit settle this argument?

Let’s check out how they try!

This person says there are alternatives.

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Sleep for everyone!

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This commenter seems to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder.

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Still, there does seem to be a way to work this out.

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The bad sleepers aren’t everyone’s problem.

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They need to get some sleep.

And then, maybe he could try being a bit more empathetic.

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