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His Small Friend Embarrassed Him In Front Of Some Girls, So He Picked Him Up And Held Him Like A Football And Then Ran Around The Gym To Get Back At Him

by Heide Lazaro

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If a close friend of yours jokingly talks badly about you behind your back, would you let it go or be upset? Would you do something to get back at him?

In this funny story, find out how the big friend reacted to his small friend who tried to embarrass him in front of some girls in their class.

I picked up my short friend and ran with him around our gym like he was football after he tried to embarrass me in front of some girls he was trying to impress

So I made this friend, we will call him Mark.

We are both black, and we cracked jokes, and made up fake hot takes to make the other laugh in the locker room when school started. Nothing too crazy.

Mark was trying to impress the girls in their weightlifting class.

I have never been in a relationship with a girl, but Mark has.

I have no issues getting to know girls, and genuinely being friends, but the ones I do ask out see me as a best friend or brother.

At the time I gave up on dating, we had 3 girls in our weightlifting class, and I find them attractive, but like I said before, I wasn’t interested in dating.

After I and Mark get into a pissing contest about who knows what, when we enter the big gym to get ready to play volleyball. We wait for our coach.

Mark starts trying to impress the girls.

Part of his strategy to impress them was to talk negatively about OP.

I’m zoning out, and I hear Mark talking about me, saying that he would beat me in a fight, and I “wouldn’t do crap.”

I keep listening to make sure I heard him correctly.

I tell him to chill, but he doesn’t stop. Then Mark said, “You ain’t gonna do crap.”

At the time, I wasn’t. But I felt like I needed to get even.

OP did not back down to Mark’s friendly threat.

Most people call me a friendly giant because, despite me being bigger than the other students, I’m not a bully, and I try to be respectful to those who haven’t wronged me.

So, I look at Mark and ask him, “So, I’m not gonna do crap?” and he said, “Yeah, you ain’t.” So, I told him, “Bet” and rushed at him, and held him sideways like a football.

His legs were off the floor, and he was kicking and screaming for me to let him go.

I’m paraphrasing because what he said was longer, but he starts yelling “YO! LET ME F-ING GO. OH HELL NAH, THIS DUDE IS SWEATY.”

And that was not enough.

I was indeed sweaty. It was a nice hot day, so my musk was building up, and I had to run to the bus stop because I was running late.

So I held him, and ran around our gym while saying “HUT HUT,” and posed with him in clear view of the girls as payback, like getting on one knee and pointing my finger in the air.

He was punching my stomach and yelling, but it didn’t hurt.

OP threw him to the mat like he was a football.

Then when I felt like he had enough, I went to the mat that was in the corner of the gym and said, “You want me to let you go?” and he now furiously yelled at me to put him down already.

So, I aim him at the mat and get ready.

I counted while he cussed and screamed at me to not to do what I was thinking.

I say, “Three, two, one, go long!” and I throw him on the mat.

Y’all, his arms and legs were flailing mid-air and the class freaking lost it.

Everyone saw him and the girls were laughing. Mark was embarrassed.

He stayed on that mat for 2 minutes fuming.

He started trying to fight me and punched me in my stomach to no avail, because was fat. I was crying with laughter.

He said I went too far, and I just embarrassed him in front of the girls who were now either on the floor laughing or covering their mouth to hide their reaction at what I did.

When I threatened to do it again if he hit me, our coach came back to me trying to grab him again.

Dude didn’t hear the end of it for weeks.

Mark didn’t speak to him for a while, but they were still good friends.

For the record, everyone in that class jumps on that mat.

I would have never thrown him on it if I didn’t think it was safe. It was very big and wide, and he didn’t get hurt from it, besides his pride.

Later in the locker room, he said, “You went too far, dude” in a defeated voice, and told me to never do that again.

He didn’t talk to me for the rest of that week and targeted me during teamed sports. We are still good friends to this day, and I saw him hold a girl’s shoes for hours at homecoming. The girl was walking barefoot.

A win’s a win.

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You be the judge.

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