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His Stepdad’s Children Are Mean To His Mom And Wishes Her Harm, So When His Stepdad Asked Him To Feed The Children He Said It Wasn’t His Problem

by Heide Lazaro

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When someone says they don’t like my mom, fine, I can accept that. That’s their opinion.

But saying bad things about her, disrespecting her, or wishing her to be dead, that’s a totally different story! I can’t imagine what I’m gonna do with awful people like this.

In this story, OP doesn’t want to do anything with his dad’s children who say mean things about his mom, even if they go hungry! Read the whole story below.

AITA for telling my stepdad feeding his kids is not my problem and so what when he tried to say they would go hungry?

My mom had a major surgery two weeks ago. She’s still in the hospital, and won’t be home for another few weeks yet.

I (16m) am home with my stepdad and my half-brother and sister, since my dad isn’t in the picture.

But my half siblings go to our grandparents during the day, and my stepdad picks them up after work. Sometimes, he will keep them with our grandparents for a few extra hours if he’s visiting mom and stuff.

Meet the other two kids of OP’s stepdad.

My stepdad also has two kids from his other marriage. His daughter is 11, and his son is 10.

My stepdad’s kids treat my mom like crap. They’re being trained to act like that by their mom, and my stepdad and her have been in court so many times in the last 5 years.

But nothing has changed with their behavior toward mom, and he and his ex still fight often about it.

These kids are too mean to OP’s mom.

His kids call my mom names, say she feeds them crap, tell her she’s fat and ugly, and they gag whenever they know she cooked for everyone. It’s gross.

They told my mom their mom was better than her in every way, and she’ll never be good.

My stepdad punishes them and all that, but it’s crazy how hateful they are to mom.

Their wickedness is just too much.

They’re also really rude to mom’s family.

I don’t really have any affection or patience for them so we don’t interact. But mom gets it a lot.

When my mom was brought to hospital, they said good, we hope she dies.

My stepdad looked incredibly pissed at them and I acknowledge he intervened immediately.

He resents them for their awful behavior.

But all of this means I want nothing to do with them, and I’m so glad when they’re not at our house.

I really dislike them.

His stepdad asked a favor.

My stepdad wants me to feed his kids anyway.

He gets home late, and he doesn’t want to pay for them to stay with a sitter for an hour or two. He also doesn’t want to send them to their mom, which I get.

So he wants me to provide some food for them, and I said no.

No matter how the stepdad convinced OP, he won’t budge.

He told me his kids need to eat, and I said it’s not my problem, and he does not want me left in charge of his kids ever.

He told me they’ll go hungry without someone to prepare something, and I said so what.

He told me my attitude could use some work. He said he needs my help, and he’s sorry they said what they said, but I need to understand their mom has poisoned them so much.

He told me it won’t be forever, and I make myself food already so can’t I make some extra.


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