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His Teacher Enjoyed Bullying Children, So On His Last Day He Pulled A Prank That Cost Her A Decent Amount Of Money

by Trisha Leigh

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In every profession, you’ll find people who are in it for the wrong reasons.

Too many times, it’s because they enjoy having power over one group of people or another.

When it’s a teacher, it can seem especially awful, because whether you’re the kid or the parent of the kid, no one likes to be mistreated by someone supposed to support you.

That’s exactly the situation this kid found himself in, but don’t worry.

He managed to get some pretty sweet revenge for a 5yo.

How I learnt the phrase burning bridges

I was a bright child for my age IMHO, although an outcast with only a couple of friends.

A teacher in my 5th grade (early 1990s) didn’t like the fact I was different and more work than her other students, turns out later I had something there wasn’t a name for yet aspergers.

The teacher was really getting under his skin.

I learned another phrase back then whe I was explaining to my mum that I was sent to time out as soon as I walked in the door most days and could count past 1000 before she let me out.

My mother explained to me that it sounded like the teacher was “scape goating” me from what I described happening at school.

She had a few talks with the teacher and the principal and nothing came of it, it was a year of absolute misery in the end well almost entirely.

Then, he realized he was going to leave and it was time for revenge.

At the end of the year I got my revenge on let’s call her, miss Geoffories.

So I was an army brat and my fam was moving at the end of that year so I thought it was my last day at that school and I wouldn’t be coming back.

Time for some cold vengeance.

I had been wanting revenge for a long time so I had put in quite a lot of planning.

His mom must have really wanted to look the other day.

About halfway through that year I had earned many bookclub rewards that were in fashion at the time.

One such reward was a small yellow book. I forget what it was called I exchanged some kind of points for it and I felt it well earned at the time anyway. In this book was a recipe for slime,

If I remember correctly it was how I learnt of cornstarch and borax. It sparked an interest in chemistry for me anyway.

We had all the ingredients at home (never happend again) and the night before I mixed up a batch of this slime about 3kg or so if I recall.

I layed out a layer of gladwrap into a lunchbox and pored in the slime that I had deliberately made mucus runny and green.

I put the lunchbox with the slime block into the freezer and left it overnight.

The next morning I triple gladwrapped the green ice cube and stuck it into my bag with some ice bricks.

I don’t think my mother knew what I was upto.

I imagine he held his breath the whole time.

After lunch that day the class was combined with the neighbouring classroom and we all sat together and sung or some nonsense.

I was always forced to sit up the front so that the teacher could keep an eye on me.

It wasn’t abnormal therefor for me to be sitting at the teachers feat where I strategically placed my bag leaning up aginst her desk between the class of onlookers and the teachers brown leather handbag….

I was as usual fidgety so me squirming and looking around the room wasn’t abnormal and I watched, none of the kids were paying attention or looking as I unzipped her bag and the side of mine, reached inside and pulled out the big green slightly defrosting silicone sausage size slime ball.

The gladwrap was just left behind in the wrapper and I placed the log into the bag with my heart in my mouth and adrenalin pumping. I could hear my blood pumping in my ears as I zipped it back up.

I glanced up and the teacher was desperately trying to keep the kids focused on her she hadnt looked down.

I then over the rest of that lesson slowly but shuffled further towards the door.

The bell went at the end of the day and I went home with a grin.

Then, he actually got to revel in the payoff.

The trouble started as soon as I got home, my parents expected there had been a mixup and it was infact TOMORROW that was now my last day at that school.

I wanted the day off did what I could but there was no way out of it I had to go back the next day.

Well I was a bit afraid because my parents watched true crime but I needn’t have been. First thing in the morning after line-up for roll call was a small assembly between the two classrooms again.

Another teacher came into the meeting that day and explained that our teachers mobile phone that was in those days deliberately built to be susceptible to water and were ridiculously expensive and bulky had been ruined by someone putting ‘Something’ in her bag.

I didn’t smile I remained deadpan because in the past I had leaned what gave things away to adults.

I just looked away out the window and tried not to laugh or smile when they told the class that she had been up at night crying and that it was one of her special things etc.

Has this woman met kids?

The teacher then had to step in and give a small appeal to the class for the kid to own up (yeah right).

She said she had reached into the bag and pulled out her phone covered in the slime and cried when it wouldn’t work.

She explained it was a expensive bag and that people work hard for there things, I stared deadpan at her and pretend I was falling asleep.

At lunch another teacher approached me, I liked this teacher a lot we got along well she got me into computers.

She came to me.and flat out asked as I knew she would (I knew whe had been put up to it but wouldn’t have been able to articulate that fact back then).

If I was the kid who had put something into miss Geoffories handbag.

I lied through my teeth to her and said no, knowing she wouldn’t press me on it past the question itself.

She then explained to me that it was allays a bad idea to burn bridges because you never know when you might want that bridge again, I didn’t understand the metaphor until she explained for a little while longer.

then I thought to myself, yeah I am leaving this whole river behind I still face no consequences for it so I think this teacher isn’t telling me the truth.

Sweet revenge.

Monday after the holiday break I started at a school hundreds of KM away (canbera vs syd) and never saw that teacher again however I still kept my few loyal friends who went to my old school (To this day).

The same teacher apparently at the beginning of the next year had chose one of my friends D to pick on after I was gone.

She sent him to time out when he walked in the first morning the same thing she had done to me, only his mother who was recounting this to mine said “Sorry I am not like you, I cornered her against a wall that afternoon and threatened her”

they laughed and funnily enough she stopped her nonsense after that not only with my friend but seemed to pull her head in and didn’t do it to anyone else.

Some bridges are worth burning.

I hope Reddit agrees!

Who thinks it’s ok to pick on a kid?

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They knew it was a thing.

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This person isn’t buying it.

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Good riddance.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This woman deserves what she got.

And it’s extra sweet that a kid delivered the punishment.

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