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His Unemployed Sister Wants To Go To Disney With His Family, But He Said He’d Only Pay Her Way If She Babysits. Now She Feels He’s Taking Advantage Of Her Situation.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Man, talk about being pushy…

If someone offered me a free trip to Disney, I’d assume that there had to be at least SOME strings attached.

Wouldn’t you?

Well, this guy’s sister didn’t see things that way and now they’re in a fight.

Read on and get all the details below.

AITA for only letting my sister tag along our Disney vacation if she babysits some nights?

“I’m married with a 4 and a 6 year old. I have a sister who is 24.

She graduated from college and got a decent first job but got laid off about a year ago and has been living with my parents since.

I think she may have had some service industry jobs here and there but generally hasn’t worked much in the last year.

My wife and I have good jobs but try to be relatively frugal because kids are expensive.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Disney with my SIL (wife’s sister) and her husband, and their 5 year old. My wife and her sister are very close and her husband and I are decently good friends these days.

Uh oh…

My sister heard about this trip and is really clamoring to go with us.

We never went to Disney growing up and she said she’s wanted to go forever and really wants to go with us and the kids.

She however would not be able to pay her way for the flight/ticket/ and all that.

We’d expect to sponsor her it would all in all cost us about $1,000. My wife and I talked about it and decided it would be worth it to us if she would help babysit some of the nights so we could have some just adult time.

So we offered her this, thinking it was generous but a win win for all of us.

You know what’s coming next…

Long story short, she felt otherwise and said were trying to take advantage of her and treat her as a nanny not family.

I think this is kinda ridiculous as she’s not my kid so in my mind there’s not reason to pay for her just because if she’s not doing anything to be helpful.

Would like some feedback from neutral parties if Im asking too much.”

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There’s no such thing as a free ride!

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