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His Wife Isn’t Holding Up Her End Of The Bargain And Making Breakfast, So He Decided to Stop Making Her Dinner

by Matthew Gilligan

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Relationships are supposed to be built on compromise.

Oh, and trust, too!

I forgot about that one…

So what happens when one person isn’t holding up their end of the bargain?

Well, read the story below and you’ll see one way it might go.

Check out what this guy had to say and see if you think he’s doing anything wrong.

AITA for refusing to make my wife dinner since she will not make me breakfast?

“My wife and I have two kids that are both in daycare. My wife will take the morning shift, which includes getting the kids up, getting breakfast and to the daycare.

I handle the night shift which is getting the kids from daycare, doing dinner and starting to get them ready for bed. Usally she gets home around 6:30-7 and the whole family has like 30 minutes together before the kids bedtime. We usally spend reading to them. She has to travel an hour+ (depends on traffic) to work each way.

So the kids are getting at daycare at 8 in the morning and I will pick them up around 4. I work from home and start around 7 and end around 3-3:30.

There’s a problem…

The issue is around breakfast, we agreed that I would make dinner each night and she does breakfast. She already makes food for the kids so it’s literally just making an extra one of what she is already making.

For the past month she will either not make it at all for me or not tell me that it is done ( I have asked her to just give a general time but she keeps switching up the schedule). One day the are eating at 7 in the morning and then getting dressed, other days she is giving them toast before getting into the car.

I have talked to her multiple time and explained that it is not considerate. We got into an argument and she told me I am home so just make my own food. I explained I may be home but I am doing my job.

Yesterday she didn’t make anything and I had enough. She came home and I didn’t make her anything for dinner. When asked I told her she is home and can make her own food.

This started a huge argument and she called me a jerk.”

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Next stop for these two…therapy!

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