June 15, 2024 at 2:30 am

His Wife Made Negative Comments To Their Daughter About Her School Picture And They Had A Big Fight

by Ashley Ashbee

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When you’re a teen and you show something to your parents, you want their support and kindness.

But what if the nice words only come from one of your parents?

Read this story to see why this father is furious with his wife, but also feels badly.

AITA for blowing up at my wife over my daughter’s school picture?

I (60M) have been married to my wife (51F) for around 15 years. We also have a beautiful daughter named Hayoung (17F) , who is in her junior year of high school.

I complimented Hayoung on her new school pictures and told her how beautiful she looked in the photos, before telling her how proud I was to see her grow up throughout the ages, before showing my wife the pictures of our daughter.

My wife immediately pointed out to Hayoung that she was looking “too downward” at the camera and that her eyes looked strained/forced.

My wife then said to my daughter that “she would have to have rehearsals for school pictures with her for next year”, because in my wife’s words “Hayoung still doesn’t understand how to properly pose, smile and look beautiful for a school picture.”

I was a bit irritated, but I let it slide.

Then his wife’s opinions got even stronger.

What set me off though, was my wife then said “Hayoung’s picture is a fail. Honestly, Melissa looks the prettiest out of everyone.”

Hayoung got quiet and said “I’m gonna be honest, my picture this year is really bad compared to sophomore year.”

I got mad that evening. We had a huge argument in the living room.

I told my wife that she was being cruel to our daughter and since school pictures were over, there was no point being so picky over it.

They still don’t see eye to on the matter.

My wife retaliated, saying that “Even Hayoung says that she doesn’t like how she looks in her school picture. I was just being honest! I’m only trying to help her!”

She then went into her room and started crying, saying that I don’t understand her.

After our argument, I knocked on Hayoung’s door and I could tell by her expression that she had listened to every piece of the argument.

I feel bad because I may have overreacted to something as simple as school pictures. Plus, I ruined my daughter’s evening and my wife’s too. And I also made my wife cry.

So Reddit, AITA?

Let’s see what the commenters are saying.

A lot of people noted that it could be a cultural difference. I wonder where OP is from.

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I agree that it seems like she was projecting.

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Exactly. Why do people take things like this so seriously?

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It was good to have a perspective on the cultural difference, while not giving it a free pass.

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This sounds upsetting. Poor kid.

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I’m Team Dad.

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