June 16, 2024 at 7:33 pm

His Young Daughter Made A Rude Comment To Her Sister About Her Smell. Now She Wants An Apology, But He Doesn’t Think It’s Necessary.

by Trisha Leigh

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Kids say the darndest things.

The reason? They’re still learning about things like acceptable topics and appropriate conversation, and honestly, it takes years for some people to grasp those things.

So, when an eight-year-old makes a blunt and embarrassing observation, most people know that the best thing to do is just laugh it off.

This woman, though, demanded an apology.

Check out what happened!

AITA for not punishing my daughter after she told my sister that she (sister) smells?

I (35m) have a daughter “Kelly” (8f) with my wife. I also have a sister “Dina” (33f) who has 2 kids (7m and 12f). Our houses are literally across the road from each other.

Occasionally we babysit kids for each other, however the kids have to stay at our house since my daughter is allergic to dogs and Dina has 2.

His sister was babysitting when she called and demanded they return home.

Both me and my wife were attending a work event last week and have asked Dina to babysit our daughter in advance which wasn’t a problem as the kids wanted to watch some cartoons together anyway.

However half way through the event I have received a call from Dina saying I need to come home now as she is leaving over what my daughter said.

I was very confused so me and my wife left the event early, thinking something horrible had happened

It turns out his daughter brought her aunt showering supplies because she “smelled bad.”

Upon returning my sister was furious and said she will never look after our daughter as she has an attitude.

I have asked Kelly what happened and she said she just brought my sister some towels saying she can take a shower if she needs to as well as there are some “feminine products” in the bathroom because “there was an unpleasant smell coming from the auntie”.

He took a whiff and concurred.

I came closer to my sister and could also smell a rather sharp unpleasant odour from her so I could understand where my daughter was coming from.

The aunt was furious and wanted and apology, but he says this is just something kids do and it wasn’t mean spirited.

Dina demanded I punish my daughter, but I refused and said she didn’t do anything wrong and me or my wife would possibly approached her in a similar way in this case.

Now she’s saying they’re not going to see her niece again until she says sorry.

Dina called me an asshole and since then would bring her kids home not allowing them to play or talk to Kelly, which is upsetting.

My wife thinks my sister is being petty and unnecessary cruel over an innocent comment and our daughter wanted to be helpful.

What should he do?

You know Reddit has thoughts!

Siblings should be close enough for this conversation.

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This person thinks the sister definitely overreacted.

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The kiddo was just describing their experience.

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Hopefully he did talk to his daughter, though.

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You absolutely can’t take the things kids say personally.

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It’s silly to demand an apology from a child for being honest.

I’m sure it was a good learning opportunity for her.

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