June 29, 2024 at 3:44 am

Home Owner Insisted That Electricians Working In Her House Didn’t Use Her Stairs, So They Used Her Slow Elevator Instead And It Ended Up Costing Her A Lot Of Money

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pixabay

Time is money, folks!

That’s as true today as it ever was and you better believe that if a client is gonna waste time, they’re gonna pay more.

Take a look at what happened when a woman didn’t want workers in her house using her stairs…for some reason…

Take a look at what happened…

Some MC from the electricians.

“I work as a contractor and do mainly work in high end homes.

We were doing work on these peoples basement and the lady was very particular about people using her stairs to bring materials because it may scratch the walls.

Nothing had happened before but she kept saying “you’re gonna scratch my walls” and she had an elevator to carry materials down.

I obliged for bigger stuff and then anything small I would take down the stairs. Only problem was the elevator was extremely slow, about 30 seconds to go up one story.

What’s the big deal?

Her stairs were about 6 feet wide and were open to above so no real chance of scratching anything and me and all my guys are very careful in these houses.

Cue the malicious compliance.

I met my electricians there in the morning to walk them through what they had to do for the day, and then left to check out some other jobs. They were only supposed to pull some wires and put in some plugs, very simple stuff and should have only taken them an hour to do.

I circled back about 4 hours later to make sure everything was done and when I got there they were still working.

She asked for it!

I asked the head electrician why it was taking so long and apparently the lady freaked out when they brought their bags downstairs (still didn’t hit any walls) so they all proceeded to take the elevator anytime they had to get something from the truck, anytime they went to the washroom or anytime they had to make a call (no service in basement).

I got a good laugh and told him to cut it out and was finished in about 10 minutes after that. Ended up costing the lady 4x the amount of time but her walls were perfectly intact.”

Here’s how Reddit users reacted.

One person spoke up.

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Another reader nailed it.

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And this person has an idea…

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Whatever you say, lady…

But it’s gonna cost ya!

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