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Hyper-Sensitive Wife Breaks Down Over A Papercut, So He Tells Her She Won’t Be Able To Have Babies If She Acts Like This

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Some people are sensitive. Others are just overly dramatic.

This man dealt with his wife having a meltdown over a little cut.

His reaction?

Let’s check out!

AITA for telling my wife that she needs to seriously work on her mental and physical toughness

My wife (32F) and I (34M) went to the gym yesterday morning and at some point my wife (will call her Laura) scratched her finger on something.

Laura has a history of being selectively sensitive to pain and discomfort.

She has her qualities, but just this little thing..

She is a strong and capable woman that I love, but if it’s 80 degrees with a breeze, Laura will talk herself into it being too cold to stay outside. The joke between us is she is like the princess and the pea story.

These things happen often.

This is where the story begins.

I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this time the “cut” was less than half a centimeter wide and 2mm across, just surface level, no larger than a paper cut.

Later that night she remembered the cut and had what I would describe as a meltdown. She said her finger pain was throbbing, she was feeling nauseous from the pain and said it was becoming too much.

He did what he could to help with the wound.

I offered to clean it with hydrogen peroxide, but she said it would hurt too much.

I said it bubbles but doesn’t burn like alcohol and you need to clean it if you cut it on gym equipment because it’s dirty.

She wasn’t helping..

As soon as I put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on it she collapsed to her knees and said she could not continue. I admit I got a little upset at the theatrics. But it was nothing new at this point.

Then after I rinsed the wound in the sink (she is still on her knees crying), I told her I was going to get Neosporin and a bandaid to which she begged me not to add neosporin because it would hurt.

He tried telling her these steps were necessary.

I explained to Laura that neosporin actually would cause no pain and even add potential relief. She yelled when I put it on and nearly fainted.

Uh oh..

At this point I was a little upset and potentially the a*****e. I tried to explain to Laura that her body was very resilient and she is a tough person because I’ve seen it in our workouts and the way she can work through brutal work challenges and environments.

He’s got reasoning..

However, she needs to work on her psychological hang up on discomfort like this.

We want to have kids in next 2 years and in all honesty I don’t think she can handle childbirth right now.

I said it’s something we can work on together, but to start, she needs to get serious and adopt the mentality that her body can handle a lot!

He said it out loud!

I told her it’s upsetting that she seems to just give up and surrender to any pain like she has no will to shake it off. “What example would we be setting for our child?” “What would happen if you were injured and needed to get help without me?”

And then the usual..

We ended up getting into an argument about this, I feel like an a*****e, but I don’t know how I could have approached this differently.

YIKES! He shouldn’t have said that to his wife!

And clearly, he feels bad about it too.

But let’s check out how the Reddit community reacted to this story.

This person thinks the guy is TA because of saying something so insensitive to his wife.

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This person also thinks the wife isn’t ready for kids.

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This person thinks the wife is just whiny.

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This person thinks the wife is annoying for reacting like that and that she should get therapy.

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This person also believes that the wife is being overly dramatic.

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This doesn’t sound like a very stable marriage…

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