June 20, 2024 at 3:36 pm

‘I’m not telling you to feel guilty.’ – Man’s Boss Wanted Him to Come into Work After He Called Out Because He Broke His Hand

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@petobsessed777

I understand fighting through a nagging injury or a slight cold and still going to work…but this is absurd!

A TikTokker named Freddie posted a video and showed viewers what went down with his boss after he broke his hand.

In his video, Freddie let viewers listen to a voicemail he received from his boss while his pink cast was prominently displayed in the shot.

Source: TikTok

The boss said in the voicemail, “I know you allegedly broke your hand. The only acceptable reason to call out is an illness that is contagious, otherwise you are expected to show up.”


Source: TikTok

The boss continued, “I’m not telling you to feel guilty. I want to inspire you when one of our team members are down. The whole team feels it so call me back. Let’s get the ball rolling again.”

The boss ended the voicemail by saying, “OK Bucko?”

Oh, boy…

Source: TikTok

Take a look at his video.


#CapCut What should I do?

♬ original sound – Freddie

Freddie posted a follow-up video and let’s just say that things didn’t go well…

Check out what happened.


Does this sound right to you? #CapCut

♬ original sound – Freddie

Now check out what TikTokkers said about this.

One person made a good point…

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This viewer nailed it.

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And one TikTokker was not a fan of this guy’s boss.

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Sorry, boss!

No can do!

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