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Junk Mail Solicitation Wanted A Donation And To Pay For Postage, So They Made Sure To Send Them A Special Surprise Back In The Mail

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@lanirudhreddy

Special delivery, special delivery!

But this wasn’t your typical mail day…

Check out what this person did to get a little bit of revenge on an organization they weren’t pleased with.

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Prepaid Postage.

“Do you ever get those solicitations in the mail with prepaid postage for a return envelope?

I’m sure you have…

About 40 years ago I received a solicitation from an organization which was formed to attempt to overturn a certain Supreme Court decision which I supported.

The letter asked for a contribution, and said the contributor could save the organization money by putting a stamp on the envelope so they wouldn’t have to pay postage.

Here you go!

Instead, I bent up a metal coat hanger and placed it in the envelope.

If you’ve guessed which US Supreme Court decision they opposed you can figure why I used a coat hanger.

This way the organization has to pay for extra postage for the coat hanger.

My hope was the coat hanger would have some effect on the conscious of whoever opened the letter.

Jokes on me, because the Supreme Court recently reversed the decision this organization opposed!

Luckily all my daughters live in states where women are not denied essential health care.”

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