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Kitchen Manager Told Them To Stay In Their Station, So When Things Got Busy He Had No Choice But To Watch Everyone Struggle

by Trisha Leigh

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Working in a restaurant requires being able to think on your feet and keep your cool in a frenzied environment.

You also have to be able to follow orders, because otherwise, the well-oiled ship will sink right to the bottom during a busy shift.

This guy was kind of tired of always drawing the short straw.

So, when the opportunity presented itself to teach the manager a lesson, he couldn’t resist.

You want me to stay in my station? Okay.

I worked as the lead cook in a very busy restaurant (50-75k weekly). My boss would write who’s working what station and generally we follow this.

My station is the dead center of the line, so the expo and anyone asking for anything looked to MY station for everything. They don’t ask the respective station for what they’re looking for they come to me.

Thinking he might get a break, he trained someone else who was doing great.

I’ve been noticing everybody else gets to switch their stations and rotate daily. I usually don’t mind or care but after 9 months it got a little tiring.

Someone asked me if he could train in my station and I showed him the ropes and he became near as good as me in it so I let him take the ropes on a Saturday night and he did just fine.

But when his boss saw, he told everyone to stay in their own lane.

Fry side wasn’t doing too hot and I went over to help them, in the process my boss came over and freaked out to see one of the new guys on my station.

He didn’t look to happy about it.

He called for a meeting the next day, saying that we all have to stay in our station that’s final. mind you this new guy on my station was one of the prep guys and was just filling on the line for a week while someone’s on vacation.

When things started to go haywire, he wasn’t busy. Everyone else was.

Fast forward to service and the protein side is going down hard along with fry side.

New guy peers the corner from prep to see everyone in the weeds and I have NO tickets on my printer.

He told his boss no one could leave their station so oh well.

I look at my boss, then look at him and tell him to stay put in prep that we must stay in our stations.

Whole line fell and it was glorious to tell my boss to stay in his office and he knows nothing about the kitchen or how to run a line.

He went to reply and I shut him up quickly with, “your station is in the office stay in your lane”.

I bet that felt good.

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Some people can’t take the heat.

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It won’t be long.

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Like that would ever happen.

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You can’t have it both ways.

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Everyone is impressed.

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This manager will learn.

You let the restaurant run itself, in a good place.

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