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Lazy Roommate Didn’t Want Help Doing the Dishes, But When Inspectors Arrive To See If The Chores Were Done, She’s Forced To Finally Pull Her Weight

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

You don’t want my help…?

Well, fine!

Do it yourself!

That’s basically what went down in this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page and you better believe that it got ugly.

Let’s see what happened!

“Don’t do dishes? Okay!”

“Back in 2019, I did an internship out of state. It was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

One of the good things about this internship is that housing was provided for anybody participating in the internship.

It wasn’t all rosy, though…

Some downsides however, included 1) Our roommates were randomized, meaning we were pretty much put in apartments with anybody doing this internship, and 2) the people who run these complexes were EXTREMELY strict on rules.

On any given day throughout a majority of the internship, these people would inspect our apartment to make sure it was clean. Any sort of mess, even if we weren’t the individuals who caused it, were written up.

After two write ups, we would have a meeting with the “head of housing”, and a third time, we would be kicked out of housing, maybe even terminated from the internship!

Luckily for me, it never went that far, but we were written up once, and that’s when this story takes place.

There’s always one…

I was with five other roommates. The one roommate in this story is Emily. Emily seemed nice at first, but ended up being a total ***** to me.

She despised me for no reason whatsoever. I tried being nice to her, and tried doing as much as I could to make her happy, but it was never good enough for her.

One such moment was a week where I had a week off from doing any chores. Our chores system was set up in a way where each week, five of us would do something different and one person would have a week off. Well, being off from working, I decided to just stay home and relax.

When I went into the kitchen to grab something to eat, however, I noticed dishes stacked up and overflowing in the sink, all dirty and disgusting. I knew this wasn’t good.

The inspectors haven’t been in our apartment in a hot while to inspect the apartment, so I knew they would come in any day to inspect it.

What do you know?!?!

I looked over at the fridge, where our chore chart was, to see who was doing dishes this week. Emily. Great… I sighed before deciding to grab the sponge and start scrubbing the dishes.

Surely Emily wouldn’t care if I washed the dishes for her. After all, she works just as hard as I do, right? This is one less thing for her to do, right??

That’s what I thought…

But a couple minutes later, she came into the apartment in a huff and paused as she saw me doing the dishes.

Emily: Excuse me, you know that’s not your job! Me: The dishes are piled up and really dirty, I thought I would do some. We might get inspected soon! Emily: I don’t care! It’s my week to do the dishes, not yours! Hands off!!


I dropped the dish I was working on in the sink and backed away before going back in my room.

I was mad at her. She didn’t need to act like that when I was trying to help her out!

But then I thought, now that she was home, she would probably do the dishes herself. After all, she said that was her job, right?

Well, I went back out there and back into the kitchen to grab some food again and she was nowhere to be seen.

Her and I share a room, and she never went in there, so she must have gone out again. That’s what she usually does when she’s not working.

I stared at the pile of dishes, the urge to clean them was REAL. But I thought back to what she said, it was her week to clean it, not mine.

So, my malicious compliance kicked in and I started making my lunch, adding one more plate to the pile in the sink before going back to my room.

Later on that afternoon, I heard a knock on the door.


Oh boy… here we go…

I headed out of my room and went up to the front of the apartment. I greeted them and let them inside, where they immediately started inspecting EVERYTHING.

Like I said, they meant business.

What’s this?

One of the inspectors immediately paused as she came into the kitchen and saw the mess of plates in the sink. She gave me a stern look.

Inspector: Care to explain to me why the dishes are like that?

Me, casually: Well, I tried to clean the dishes earlier, but another roommate, Emily, got mad at me for what’s supposed to be her job.

The inspector wrote that all down.

I knew this meant we would all most likely get in trouble, but it felt so satisfying knowing that this would come back and bite Emily in the ***.

The inspector continued looking through the kitchen, finding nothing else wrong, and the other inspector came out finding nothing wrong as well.

The dishes were the only problem.

Despite that, the inspectors still gave us a slip with our room number on it that said we had failed inspection and that we would be written up before leaving.

Later on that night, my other roommates returned home, noticing the write up slip.

They started panicking, some of them got mad at me for not doing the dishes, while one roommate thought what I did was hilarious.

Finally, Emily came back home.

As soon as she saw the write up slip, of course she took her anger out on me. But it seemed as though something clicked and she realized the argument she had with me earlier and she caved.

You better get in there!

She finally went and did the dishes.

Of course, I asked her if she needed help and she pushed me away.

About two days later, the same inspectors from before came back to inspect the apartment a second time. I wasn’t there to see it, but one of our roommates was there and said we passed inspection that time.

We were still bummed for being written up the first time, but that thankfully didn’t happen again during my internship.”

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Hey, you told me you didn’t need any help!

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