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Neighbor Complained To The Town About A Little Girl’s Soccer Goal In Their Yard, So Her Parents Made The Goal A Permanent Structure To Get Around The Rules

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/malicious compliance

Jeez, talk about a Debbie Downer…

You know folks like this: they complain about pretty much everything in sight and they take pleasure in making others miserable.

Fun, right?!?!

Check out how this person dealt with such a person…we think you’ll enjoy it!

Permanent structure? Okay!

“I grew up in an okay town that has since become a bit…snobbier.

I was driving down my old street last year and i saw my old neighbor, Andrea, sitting on her front porch, so i stopped in to say hi.

What’s this?

Turning into the driveway, i noticed a regulation sized soccer goal in her next door neighbor’s small front yard….which is VERY out of sync with the rest of the neighborhood. It made me laugh a little.

After a quick catch up, i learned a couple of things: she’s the last of my old neighbors who still lives on the street and the neighborhood has become very “keeping up with the Jones’ “ with the exception of her next door neighbor.

I asked about the soccer goal, and here is the story: The neighbor has a young daughter who loves soccer. She would spend hours in the front yard kicking goals into a small goal anchored in the front yard with tent spikes.

Apparently, another neighbor (they don’t know who, but they suspect the people directly across the street) complained to the township because of the “semi-permanent structure” in the front yard.

What’s the big deal?

The neighbor got upset….obviously, it was basically a toy in the front yard! Cops came to their house, they got a warning. Then they thought it would be ok as long as they took it down when they weren’t home, but nope.

Cops were called again and they were fined WHILE the daughter was using it! The fine said something about having a semi-permanent (because of the tent stakes) structure.

Whatever you say!

Cue malicious compliance: they weren’t allowed to have a semi-permanent structure, but they COULD have a permanent structure!

So, they went, got a permit from the township, dug the holes, filled it with concrete, and built a regulation sized goal and hung the permit on one of the poles!

Now the mystery neighbor has to look at that goal every day.”

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Source: Reddit/malicious compliance

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Well played!

This is how malicious compliance is done!

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