June 21, 2024 at 1:38 am

Neighbor Criticizes Woman For Not Mowing The Lawn And Violating HOA Rules, But Her Boyfriend Says She Should’ve Walked Away Instead Of Keeping Up The Fight

by Laura Ornella

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/CarlTronders

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — you can pick your home, but unless you own the block, you cannot pick your neighbors.

And that’s part of the beauty of it. You get to know the people you live beside and possibly make new friends! But that’s no guarantee.

Let’s read this Reddit post and find out what happens when neighbors get a little too nosy about lawncare.

AITA for telling my neighbor he can mow my lawn if he wants to?

I (34F) have lived in my house for 2.5 years. It’s just me, my 90-pound dog, and two indoor cats. I have a boyfriend that sleeps over a few nights a week depending on schedules, but we aren’t in the live-together stage yet.

About a year ago, my neighbors Steve and Beth moved in with their 9-year-old son. Beth works full time out of the house while Steve is a stay-at-home dad. Not knocking this, as stay-at-home parents have a hard job, but it ties in.

Ah, so basically, someone is always around at home.

I work three days in office and two from home. Yesterday was a WFH day for me, and I was out back with my dog getting some fresh air between meetings.

Steve was in his backyard, and we’re friendly enough to say hey or whatever.

Steve is also tall and can see well over the 6-foot privacy fence. He’s not creepy about it or anything, but still.

He poked his head over, and we made small talk.

Apparently, he had been mowing his lawn and asked if I was “ever going to get around to” mowing my lawn.

Excuse me? Surely he didn’t mean it like that, right? Right?!

I wasn’t sure if I heard him right, so I said, “what?” and he repeated himself.

Now, my lawn is not crazy long. We live in Texas and don’t get much rain, coupled with watering restrictions. There just isn’t much to keep up with.

Either my boyfriend or I usually mow every two-ish weeks on Saturday mornings.

He loves mowing, so if he can come do it, I let him.

We love a man who mows.

I told Steve that it was going to get done today and his response was, “You don’t look too busy right now, what’s stopping you.”

STEVE. Just — S-T-E-V-E!

I responded that it was the middle of the work day (around 1 p.m.) and that I had several more meetings and reports to handle and couldn’t just skip out for the rest of the day.

His response to this was to call me lazy and remind me of HOA-violation potential.

Wow. The audacity. Are we all riding at dawn for this woman, or what?

I told him a day wouldn’t make a difference, and if it bothered him so much he was free to mow my lawn for me.

He told me there was no need to be an asshole, and he was “just looking out for me.”

Ick. Steve is def not invited to the neighborhood block party.

I wished him a nice day, and my dog and I went back into the house. I feel like he started this entire exchange, but when I told my boyfriend he told me I should have just walked away.


Obviously, you’ll always have neighbors with quirks, but shedding judgment on how you keep your home is another ballgame.

Let’s see what Reddit has to say about this matter.

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And, of course, there’s irony shed on HOAs in America — a nice reminder that history repeats itself.

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All in all, this nosy neighbor needs to keep his nose in his own grass and not over their fence. As long as nothing is dangerous, someone else’s home is no one else’s business.

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