June 29, 2024 at 8:33 pm

Neighborhood Association Demanded A Family Pay Fees To Gain Access To A Lake, But They Told Them To Pound Sand

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@aaronburden

Neighborhood nutjobs are at it again!

And this time it comes from folks who think they run the ‘hood…and the lake they live by!

But one resident wasn’t having it.

Take a look at what happened!

Lake Access Fees.

“In 2008 my family and I moved into a house that was a block away from a lake.

Access to the lake was managed by a sort of “Beach Gate” authority that maintained the gate and the section of the beach nearest the gate.

A yearly fee was paid for access to the gate to help pay for maintenance of the gate and the beach. I can’t remember what it was.

There was an issue…

When we moved in we enjoyed the lake for about a month until the beach association informed us that the previous owner of the house hadn’t paid their fee in three years, and since the fee was tied to the address we’d have to pay three years worth of fees or we’d have to give up our gate access.

My mom and Stepdad said “Screw this” and handed the key over.

We lived in that house for a couple of years and they kept trying to get the access fees from us but we refused.

They found a way around this.

The rules of the beach allowed residents to bring guests to the beach so we would often go to the beach as “guests” of our neighbors or get in the car and go a half mile down the road to the public part of the beach.

It wasn’t as clean but it was free.

I feel sorry for the next people to live in that house after we moved.

I’m sure being presented with the demands for FIVE YEARS of back pay on beach access would have been an insulting shock.”

Now it’s time to see how Reddit users reacted.

This reader has been there…

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Another individual chimed in.

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This Reddit user spoke up.

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Another person thinks they know what’s going on…

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Not gonna happen!

No way!

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