June 18, 2024 at 8:17 pm

Neuralink’s First Patient Really Wants To Control A Tesla Car And Robot With His Mind

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Twitter/@TheProjectUnity

Tesla doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to the success or safety of their technology, and the Neuralink brain-computer interface chip is no different.

However, the first patient is feeling pretty sure of himself and is excited at the prospect of living an independent life once again.

Noland Arbaugh is a quadriplegic, and since the implant, has mastered using his implant to play games on his laptop.

He’s ready for more.

“I think it would be so freakin’ cool if I had a Tesla Optimus robot that I could control with it that would do basically everything for me and be a caretaker. It would eliminate probably 90 percent of the things that I need other people for.”

He’d also love a Tesla vehicle he could drive with his mind.

“If I could do all that on my own, man, it would change everything.”

Right now, the researchers at Neuralink are happy with the everyday tasks Arbaugh can do with his brain. It’s a major accomplishment, but Noland is thinking about bigger and better things.

“It takes very little brain power. What I’m thinking the whole time is just where I want the cursor to go.”

Arbaugh also wants to start earning some money so that he can help his family out more, maybe eventually help them build a house.

Being not only independent, but helpful to the people he loves, is obviously a priority.

He said that before the implant he spent most of his time in bed, and could only shower with help.

That said, even with the positive results so far and his growing plans for the future, he does have some anxiety about being the first one to try this out.

“The first is that I’m a quadriplegic, and all I really have is my brain. So letting someone go in there and mess around, it’s a big commitment. If something goes wrong, that’s kind of it for me. But I knew I wanted to help out, and I didn’t want to let my fears get in the way of that.”

So far, the only hiccup has been that some wires have come loose, but Neuralink is calling it “minor.”

“It seems like the threads have stabilized, and even some that were pulled out of my brain had found their way back in. I’m not worried about it now.”

Neuralink is getting ready for a second human trial, and Arbaugh is looking forward to having someone else to mentor through the process.

“I’m excited to have a buddy in this, someone to compare notes with. It will be nice to get a different perspective.”

Here’s hoping that things continue to go well.

There’s no doubt the trial’s success would be a huge boost to Arbaugh’s self-esteem and quality of life.

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