June 29, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Never Forget That Your Old Or Deleted Embarrassing Social Media Posts Are Always There To Dig Up

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@srhoe03

You thought you’d deleted those awful posts you wrote when you were in college – but the truth is anyone can dig them up and get you canceled if they want to!

We all have social media skeletons we’d rather forget – even if it was just our love for a mortifying boyband back in the day.

But when we became professional and adult, we all wanted to wipe any trace of embarrassing away from our digital footprint, right?!

Well, that ain’t how it goes it appears and according to TikToker @srhoe03 it’s all there to dig up again, like some kind of shameful secret that just won’t die!

Source: TikTok/@srhoe03
He told his followers: “This is why you gotta be careful posting stuff on the internet because whatever you delete can be found…and I found it.”

He highlighted the Wayback Machine – a website that allows people to look at their social media over the years.

The site has been archiving material since 1996. Ouch.

Source: TikTok/@srhoe03

He pointed out that you can trawl the history of even deleted posts.

And that means, yah we all gonna need to be a LOT more careful about our love for anything mortifying or posting drunken party pics.

Because it looks like they ain’t going away!

Source: TikTok/@srhoe03

He said: “This feels so illegal to know.”

And yeah, it does and now it feels like a crime to have had a youth – IF you shared it on social media!

If you want to hear some more of the TikToker’s tech knowledge bombs, check this video out!


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The post has since been deleted but frankly this was  the knowledge some of us needed to quit rows with strangers on X!

If you want to find it later, it seems like it will be there to find.

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