June 25, 2024 at 7:32 am

New Neighbors From The City Learned A Hard Lesson After They Told A Farmer Not To Remove The Snow From Their Driveway Early In The Morning

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@pardauro

If you’re gonna move from the city to the country, you better educate yourself on the way things work out there.

Or else, you’re gonna end up looking like an idiot!

And you might say something that you regret…

Check out this story from Reddit: you might learn something!

Short and Sweet: City folk come at the farmer.

“I grew up on a dairy struggling every day 365 to help my family live.

About 10 years in the farmer’s land next to us has a single house built onto a small plot near the irrigation riser and a younger family from the city moves in for a quiet life in the country.

This wasn’t going well…

Over the next year the cops are at our place a dozen times about smell complaints, noise complaints (work started at 5 am, tractors and all), and other complaints about anything this family could think of, basically trying to get us shut down for existing outside the bounds of their imagined country life.

In the winter, my dad would drive our tractor around to all the neighbor’s houses on our mile and dig the snow out of their driveways so they could drive to work, a costly and time consuming endeavor, but one of the main things a farmer can do to gain praise and feel good every day.

Well, about three weeks into winter this guy from the new house shows up at our door asking us to not do his driveway so early in the morning because it was waking him up.

Okay, whatever you say!

My dad explained he had to do it at 5 am because he did it before he started the other chores that took hours.

The neighbor insisted he do it later, or not at all. That was the last time my dad did his drive.

Turns out, you have to wake up about 5 am to use your snowblower to dig out your own car if you want to get to work on time.”

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Those city folks will never learn!

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