June 14, 2024 at 2:45 am

No Luck With Your Lottery Tickets? This User Shares The Things You Can Do To Make Your Ticket A Winner.

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

We’ve all heard the statistic about being more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than actually winning the jackpot, but that doesn’t stop some people. Like my Mom.

Every holiday you get a lottery ticket or two tucked into your card. And while we’ve yet to win big, I’ve grown to love digging in my pockets for change and scratching off the tickets!

But according to TikTok user @lotteryvlogs.us, there are certain things you can do to increase your odds of winning big!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

His video starts with a piece of advice that may be counterintuitive to most of us who try our luck at the lottery! “But the same ticket instead of mismatching!”

While at first you may think buying a variety of tickets would increase your chances of getting a winner, LotteryVlogs says buying all of one type is the way to go!

And with a room plastered wall to wall in spent lottery tickets, I would assume they are something of an expert!

But my opinion might change if I knew whether the wall was full of winning or losing tickets!

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

Another piece of Lottery Vlogs wisdom is too be wary of the season variations the lottery comes out with around each major holiday. “Holiday tickets suck and only win in the middle of the month.”

From the bouquet of different holiday tickets they have in their hand, its safe to say that no holiday is safe from this unfortunate fact!

Considering she puts a lottery ticket in my stocking every single Christmas, I think my Mom is going to be particularly disappointed by this piece of advice!

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

But for all of us growing disheartened with all of these warnings, LotteryVlogs does include a trick she’s found to getting her money’s worth out of her lottery tickets!

“Multiplier tickets i.e. x50 are the best tickets.” I guess this tracks logically. You probably have about the same chance to win as any other ticket, but with this one you get paid the big bucks!

In particular, she recommends going with the $30 tickets. “$30 Tickets have the best odds and are my best friend.”

Check out her advice for yourself!


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TikTok loved these tips and tricks, with many having lottery hacks of their own to share in the comments!

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

This user agreed with OP’s advice to go with the $30 tickets.

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

And this person admitted they didn’t even scratch off the tickets, which is half the fun anyway!

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

Finally, this user said maybe buying too many of the same brand of scratch off wasn’t the move OP said it was…

Source: TikTok/@lotteryvlogs.us

Feeling lucky? I know I am after watching this video!

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