June 29, 2024 at 7:44 pm

Parents Wouldn’t Let Their Daughter And Boyfriend Sleep In The Same Room, So They Decided To Leave Early In Protest

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@freshseteyes

I could go either way on this one

On one hand, if your child is an adult and wants to sleep in the same room as their partner, what’s the big deal?

On the other hand, house rules are house rules and if you’re under someone else’s roof, you should respect them.

On to the story: this woman wasn’t happy with how her parents laid down the law so she decided to teach them a lesson.

Let’s see what happened.

I can’t sleep in the same room as my boyfriend when I’m at your house? Fine, we wont sleep there!

“I was a recent college graduate who had made the ‘immoral choice’ to move in with a boyfriend without getting married.

We moved in together in another state about a 6 hour drive from my parents, who lived about 2 hours away from the boyfriend’s parents.

Rules are rules…

When we came back to visit, my parents made us sleep in separate rooms/beds because we ‘weren’t married’. After a visit or two like this, Christmas holiday rolled around.

We were planning to be in the state for the whole week between Christmas and New years, splitting the time between the two families. We start by spending two nights at my parents, then around dinner time the third day we leave to head to his parents.

Time for some real talk.

My parents are surprised and confused that we are not staying longer, they expected us to split the time evenly. My reply. Well, at his parents house we get to sleep together, so we want to spend the night there. Bye!

Before the next visit, they let us know they have decided that since we are a ‘committed couple’ they will allow us to share a room even though we’re not married.”

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Time to turn the rules upside down…

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