June 24, 2024 at 10:33 pm

‘Here is some perspective from your old man.’ – People Are Saying The Texts A Dad Sent His Daughter After Her Breakup Are Like “Therapy”

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn

We have all been dumped at one point or another and the heartbreak is unreal.

Most of us wouldn’t want to talk about it with our dads, to be honest.

But based on this post from @fallonthompsxn, it turns out that maybe we should be giving our dads a little more respect.

Maybe they will get it because after all, they’ve been there!

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn

She told her followers on TikTok in this extremely viral post: “POV: You just got dumped in your driveway and your dad saw the whole thing.”

Fallon posted a photo of herself, teary eyed and snuggled up on the sofa, trying to come to terms with her heartache.

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn.

And there’s no doubt the winning texts her dad sent to her have to have given her and anyone who saw them – basically the entire internet – perspective and healing!

His texts opened: “Hey baby girl. Here is some perspective from your old man. I have had lots of relationships, from one-night stands, to flings, to friends with benefits, to live in girlfriends, and then I met your mom.”

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn

He added: “I can say that when I met her (Fallon’s mom), it was instantly different. I can also say that I new it was different because I went through those other experiences. So, what you are dealing with today is necessary in order for you to one day be able to discern when a person is really right for you.”

The texts go on but this pretty much sums it up and the internet loves Fallon for sharing and loves her dad even more for his wisdom and empathy! Go Fallon’s dad!

Dads can be very cool with their advice, we’ve learned from this post.

Watch the full clip here:


People are showing all the love for Fallon’s dad!

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn

Free therapy! Go Fallon’s dad!

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn

Ooooh good spot!

Source: TikTok/@fallonthompsxn

With age really does come wisdom.

She’s lucky he’s so gentle with sharing it.

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