June 22, 2024 at 4:38 pm

Pizza Place Manager Was Rude For Them For No Reason, So They Made Sure They Guy Was Humiliated And His Business Went Down The Tubes

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I’m not saying that the customer is always right, but workers should at least make an effort to be nice to them, right?

You’re darn right!

And this guy really blew it!

Check out what happened in this story from Reddit.

Manager was forced to apologize by corporate.

“There are no local pizza places by me, and I am forced to use a big corporate franchise pizza place.

My house in on the border for deliveries but its not that far away. I have been ordering pizza from this store for years and there was never an issue.

Well, they had an online special and I could not get it to work since the online site said my house was out of the zone.

Do me a solid…

I call up the manager and see if they can give me the special since they do deliver to my address.

If he said “No.” I would have taken it as he can’t because of the computer system and accepted it.

Instead of giving me a reason he just hangs up on me. I think it’s just a disconnected call and call back.

I mention that we got disconnected and he keeps me on the line only to hang up again.

I call back and just as I said we got disconnected he hung up on me once more.

So, I called corporate and complained. I then emailed corporate and complained.

I left a nasty Google review as well.

How do you like it?!?!

A week later corporate apologizes to me and then manager tries to call me twice.

I don’t pick up and never used the place again. The best revenge was my school did all their fundraisings through that store.

Hundreds of pies per month were bought for fundraising.

That stopped and we used another national chain. Last time I checked the store was sold to another person.”

Now let’s see how people reacted.

This reader shared their thoughts.

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Another Reddit user shared how they would’ve done it.

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Another person chimed in.

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And this Reddit user thinks they know where this happened…

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I guess he missed the customer service portion of his training.

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