June 30, 2024 at 1:44 pm

Professor Had A Strict No Food Policy In His Class, But A Clever Student Found A Hilarious Way To Get Around The Rule

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pixabay

Don’t you just love it when people figure out how to cut corners and break the rules?

It’s the best!

And this college student did something that even his professor had to admire.

Check out what happened in the story below!

No Food in the classroom.

“Not my story but a friend’s.

He had a Professor in college who would occasionally go on a rant about how some of the items from Taco Bell “don’t even technically classify as food by some standards”

Though not often, it was a passionate rant.

What’s this?

The day after one of his rants, a student brought in a bag of food from Taco Bell.

The professor objected “There is no food allowed in my classroom”.

Here it comes…

The student held up the bag to show the logo and said “Don’t worry it’s not food.” and took a bite of a taco, whilst maintaining eye contact.

After a moment of surprise, the teacher admitted defeat with a polite but disgusted nod.

The next day he directed the students attention to a revised syllabus.

Specifically the new rule “No food or Taco Bell allowed at any time in the classroom”.”

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Taco Bell for the win!

Forever and always!

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