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Property Manager Was Told Not To Assist Tenants Who Locked Themselves Out, But When The Boss Locked Himself Out Of His Own Home Things Changed Quickly

by Matthew Gilligan

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It comes to us from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page and it has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing!

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Maliciously complied and locked my boss out of his own home!

“I used to work as a property manager for a semi large company in a small city. Among the usual duties of a PM we were also responsible for after hours maintenance calls.

Originally, we were paid for 3 hours of over time to cover the phone calls we answer and paid an additional $80 for any call outs we have to attend ourselves.

This was a BUSY job.

The entire team rotated the phone between us so we only had the emergency phone for one weekend every 2 months. The phone was an after hours maintenance line for over 800 properties, so you can imagine how busy it would get but the extra pay helped the blow of losing your weekend.

This was not a problem until our boss wanted to crack down on over time hours stating: “I very much doubt you are working 3 hours whilst you have the emergency phone”

His new rule was for each staff member to document when and who called and you would be paid an hour of REGULAR time each call. But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to attend any issues yourself.

This includes unlocking doors for tenants who are locked out of their property. He enforced that the tenant must pay for a locksmith to attend and let themselves in.

This angered many of our clients and caused us to be constantly abused over the phone by our tenants as they had to pay $300 for a locksmith.

This is where the malicious compliance began.

You got it, boss!

We indeed documented all our calls, which instead of paying each employee $100 for 3 hours, he ended up having to pay us $500 (or more) each weekend due to the amount of calls we would actually take!

But it doesn’t stop there! What i should probably mention is that our company can provide accommodation for our more higher staff at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

The manager in question was in such accommodation and low and behold, he managed to lock himself out of his apartment at 11 pm on a Friday night!


Manager: Hello OP. I have locked myself out of my apartment. You need to collect the spare keys and come unlock my door

OP: I am very sorry, Manager, but I cannot do that.

Manager: Um excuse me?? Why not?

OP: Unfortunately you have instructed me not to attend to any call outs under any circumstance. I can however, send you through the number of our preferred locksmith to come let you in?

After a few choice words, the manager hung up and phoned a locksmith. Lets just say, after he had to fork out $300 for an after hours locksmith, he changed our ability to attend call outs.”

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Sorry, boss.

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