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Cheapskate Online Buyer Insisted On Purchasing Tires For Much Cheaper Than Advertised, So The Seller Sent Him On A Wild Goose Chase To Get Sweet Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@trovatten

I understand when folks try to negotiate to lower the price of something they want to buy, but if you act like an unrealistic jerk during that process, you deserve whatever you get.

And the guy who wrote this story on Reddit had enough of a potential buyer’s shenanigans…so he decided to have a little bit of fun with him.

Check out what happened!

Selling on FB – Low balled – “Accepted” their offer – and had them meet me at the local pub.

“When I list something on FB marketplace, I do it with the intention of selling it basically right away.

What does this mean? It means my price is low. Sometimes too low. And firm. I don’t budge on price – but that has never mattered (they always buy it at full price anyway).

I absolutely can’t stand getting 50 “is it still available” messages. When I get one of those, I just delete and ignore.

A few days ago I was selling a set of new take off tires/wheels. MSRP was in the $2,500 range. Used prices were in the $1500-2k range.

I listed these at $1,000.

Come get ’em!

Within an hour I had probably 20 messages about them. My response is always the same: The price is the price. I will not hold them. First come first serve.

One of the guys who messaged me offered $250. These are a slow sell at $2k, but a near instant sell at $1k. There is no world where $250 was an appropriate offer.

So I told him that. My word-for-word, punctuation-for-punctuation response to his offer was: “No.”

But that didn’t stop him.

He justified his offer by sending several listings showing other tires, etc. So I blocked him and moved on.


Fast forward 10 minutes – and I get another message from a different FB account – with the same offer. This guy was now using a second FB account.

So I blocked this second account.

And then he did it with a third account. I was done at this point. Clearly I couldn’t win by just blocking and moving on.

This guy was relentless. His strategy was to literally annoy the living **** out of you until you just said yes. And blocking his accounts wouldn’t work – who knows how many accounts this guy had.

And so I did what any other sane person would do – and accepted his $250 offer.

I told him I would take his $250 offer – but that he would have to meet me later that night – as I was currently busy.

He said that he was about a 2 hour drive from me – and asked to meet halfway.

I said “No.”

It’s a deal!

He was eager to make a quick buck off of me, so agreed to drive to me.

There is a street in our town that has a few pubs on it. Three of these pubs are within about a half mile of each other – kind of set up so you park on the street and walk between them.

And these pubs are usually BUSY by 11 PM. By BUSY, I mean there is ZERO parking anywhere. You usually have to park at least a half mile away and walk to the pub.

And so I did what any sane person would do and set the meet for 11 PM at one of these local pubs.

I sent him a message at around 10:45 PM and asked him to meet me in the pub – and we could walk over to my truck and grab the wheels/tires.

He messages me at 11 PM – and told me he was out front. There is no way to park out front without blocking the entire street – and traffic is usually HEAVY at 11 PM. (Meaning he couldn’t just wait out front – he would HAVE to move.)

So again, I did what any sane person would do – and waited until about 10 minutes after 11 PM to message back. In that 10 minutes, I received no less than 20 messages from him.

This was going well!

These messages painted an amazing picture – as he grew more and more frustrated – as he sent screenshots of his location – asking if he was in the right place – as he kept telling me he would drive down the block and circle back – you get the point.

10 minutes later, I sent a simple: “Sorry about that. Didn’t see your message. I’m at the bar in XYZ pub. Just park and come in – I’ll grab you a beer.”

He accepted the offer, parked what I assume was 1/2 mile + away, and walked to the pub.

10 more minutes of me not responding and 20+ messages later, I sent a simple: “Sorry about that. Didn’t see your message. I walked down to PDQ pub (probably 500 yards away) thinking you may be there. Meet me down here?”

It wasn’t over yet…

Fast forward until right around midnight. I had made this man drive 2 hours one way, walk at least 2 miles, go into all 3 pubs, and curse me every way to Sunday. And he was still 2 hours from home.

So I did what any sane person would do – and turned off FB notifications and went to bed.

Oh, and the wheels and tires sold earlier that day for exactly $1,000.”

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That guy had it coming!

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