June 20, 2024 at 9:33 pm

Rude Workers From A Business Smoke Near This Woman’s House, So She Decided To Shovel Dog Poop Into Their Parking Lot

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pixabay

I think people should be forced to take some kind of courtesy class every five years so they can brush up on how NOT to be total jerks to others!

Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

And these folks could’ve used some training in the manners department…

Check out what happened in this story from Reddit.

It’s snow problem.

“My parents own a home in a snowy state in the United States.

They don’t have any neighbors to the right of them, just a gravel parking lot that is used by employees of the credit union that is on the street behind their house.

The credit union employs someone to plow their parking lot during the winter and this person tends to pile the snow up at the top of the parking lot near the front of my parents lot where the house is.

How rude!

When it starts to melt the run off from the snow pile that has been built up all winter floods my parents’ basement. Usually several times.

My parents are obviously exasperated and have tried to talk to the credit union about where their person plows the snow to and it usually stops for a time but then they’re right back at it again a few weeks later and no one they talk to is apologetic or willing to admit any fault or reprimand the plower.

They sound like a classy group!

They also take their smoke breaks in the parking lot either in or by their cars with the windows rolled down directly by my parent’s bedroom windows even after they asked them to take them somewhere else…

So my mom’s petty revenge is to shovel her dog’s poop off her yard to near their cars so they have to watch their steps or face getting poop on their nice shoes.”

Let’s see what folks had to say on Reddit.

This person has an idea…

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Another Reddit user shared their thoughts.

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Another person nailed it.

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This Reddit user said they need to get a lawyer.

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That’s one way to do it…

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