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Second Lieutenant Demands That A Sergeant Salutes And Speak Officially Every Time He Sees Him, But He Soon Begs Him To Stop

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pexels/JasonMatthewWillis

There are some people that have the natural ability to command respect, and then there are those who resort to demanding respect.

And unfortunately, those who demand it are often the least deserving of it, and consequently the least likely to receive it!

So when this veteran’s second lieutenant demanded he salute and be formal with him every time he spoke to him, he made him utterly regret those words!

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Yes sir!

When I was in the army, I was a drill sergeant and trained some new recruits. I was fair and not like one of those jerk sergeants.

Everything I ordered them to do, I did right along with them, to show them how to lead.

I liked it that way and my squad also liked that I got dirty with them. So my standing in the company was quite good and I was appreciated.

After a couple of months, I had to switch company and a pretty young and fresh 2nd lieutenant was my new leader.

But this 2nd lieutenant did not have the same leadership style as OP.

He was a similar age as me, but was full of discipline and wanted to spread his knowledge.

What you need to know is that we all salute each other. But other formalities were only  needed when there were official things to do.

But not for this guy. He ordered me to be “like a real soldier, and salute every time I enter the room where he is and speak with him more respectfully.”

So that’s exactly what OP did.

Every time I entered the room where he was, I put on all the military manners I had (and I had a lot of them). Saluted him and spoke only highly officially with him.

Only shorts reports, yes sir, no sir, as you wish sir. And I continued this for days and weeks.

Every other officer looked at him like “dude, are you serious, that you want it like that?”. And he became more and more embarrassed.

He even ended up begging OP to stop following his own order.

He even told me, “please, don’t say “yes sir” any more, because we both know that only means “go f## yourself”.”

I just responded with “yes sir, anything else sir?”

And we both knew that I would continue this behavior.

But by the time OP left, the lieutenant actually appreciated the lesson OP had taught him…

At the end, when I left there, he all but thanked me for what I did and we all had a big laugh about this.

But I think, he did not appreciate his order, and will think twice in the future before giving him again.

For me, it was just him and I liked to show, that I got respect and manners. It was a very funny time!

It’s not like the lieutenant could punish OP for following orders that he had specifically given him! Haven’t he ever heard to be careful of what he wished for?

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Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

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Yes sir. Sorry sir. Only following your orders sir.

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