June 22, 2024 at 10:38 pm

Server Warns That People Showing Off High Tips Online Will Make People Not Want To Tip More. – ‘Just take your money.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@hindy007

There’s one thing boasting about your wallet on TikTok but if you’re a server, you could risk your income and others, one worker believes.

Server Hindy aka @hindy007 stitched a video from fellow server, who told his followers what she earned in a week.

There’s been a slew of these clips on TikTok recently and according to Hindy, there’s no way this is good for business.

Source: TikTok/@hindy007

She said: “Please, everybody on TikTok: Stop making these videos. For the love of f*****g God. Stop.”

She explained that in Connecticut, where she works, there’s a threat to servers’ salaries and soon they could just get minimum wage there. The clips aren’t helping that situation, she added.

Source: TikTok/@hindy007

She continued: “So even customers are going to stop tipping as much when they know we make (more than) minimum wage.”

Hindy said restaurant bosses are actually trying to kill off the tipping system and the videos are just feeding this wish.

Source: TikTok/@hindy007

She said: “So, please, for the love of God. Just take your money. When you get home, take it, put it away. That’s it. Don’t talk about it.

Don’t tell people. Because it’s making it worse and worse and worse. And pretty soon there will be no tipping, and it’s going to f*****g suck.”

Sometimes y’all it ain’t all about the money!

Watch the full clip here:


#stitch with @sam No hate at all but, its going ro suck when we make 16$ an hour!!! #fyp #viralvideo #thisisnotajoke

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Keep the bag well hidden y’all!

Source: TikTok/@hindy007


Source: TikTok/@hindy007

Some folks are so fed up of the clips!

Source: TikTok/@hindy007

Listen, I don’t think bragging a bit is going to affect anything.

You do you, fam!

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