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She Didn’t Find It Funny When Her Brother Kept Buzzing Her While She Repaired An Electric Fence, So She Responded By “Helping” Fix The Car He Was Repairing

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Brothers and sisters sure can be mean to each other, huh?

You can say that again!

And the woman who wrote this story told readers on Reddit quite a story about how she got back at her little brother.

Check out what went down!

Shock me with the electric fence? Enjoy my help turning a 30 minute job into a 2 hour job.

“As kids, (I was 17 F, brother was 15) we had horses and for some reason in the winter the deer would break the top wire of the electric fence. Always at the furthest point in the pasture too.

So when we went out to do chores before school, if the fence was broken we had to fix it so the horses could be turned out.

That was a shock!

I would unplug the fencer, drag supplies up the hill & splice the fence. As soon as I got the pieces together…..ZAP!!

Now I was pretty sure I unplugged the fencer, but hey… it was early morning so maybe I forgot.

I get back down to the barn and my brother was doing chores.

I asked him and he said he plugged it back in because he saw it was unplugged and wanted to help.

I told him not to plug it in unless he finds me first and why.

Here we go again…

Well next time I am on the hill…. ZAP! Repeat convo above, rinse & repeat for 2 weeks.

Nothing I said got him to stop…. Until…

We had a crew cab dually with a 454 8 cylinder truck and Dad decided it needed a tune up.

He got all the stuff & asked my brother to do the tune up.

Now I knew my way around auto repair & had done a tune up or 2 myself. So I knew exactly what I was doing…… I was helping.

The hood was up & he had gone to get another tool so I figured I would help. By pulling all the spark plug wires off both the distributor & the spark plugs.

Take that!

He came back and I told him really excited that I helped him get started and showed him how.

I thought he was going to cry.

He asked why I pulled them all. I told him that he had been so helpful with the fence and plugging it in for me and that I wouldn’t be a great sister if I didn’t help him when he needed it.

He was mad, but learned his lesson.

Having to figure out the firing order for the truck without google to help took him 2 hours.

But he did stop plugging the fence in on me.”

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Play stupid games…

Well, you know the rest…

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