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She Didn’t Want Her Parents To Tell Her Sister She Bought A House. They Did It Anyway And Now Things Are Ugly.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

This is how some families operate

No one can keep a secret, the secret spills out, people get upset, and everyone ends up fighting.

Good times!

The woman who wrote this story on Reddit thought she was pretty clear with her folks about what she DIDN’T want them to tell her sister, but they just couldn’t keep their traps shut.

Did she do anything wrong?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for being upset that my parents told my sister I’m buying a house?

“So I (28F) recently got the opportunity to purchase a house that has been in the family for quite a while (80+ years). I have been staying at home with my parents rent free for nearly my entire life.

I occasionally contribute with groceries, dinners, household chores, and yard work, but they have never charged me rent despite me offering. I work in public education and don’t make great money so it has been very helpful to save up.

I started the purchase process and have locked in an interest rate and have nearly everything ready.

It’s all set!

The closing date is set for a month from now. I have asked my parents not to say anything to my sister (26F) until I close and start to move because we don’t get along well and I don’t want to deal with the fallout I believe will come.

Her sister, on the other hand…

She has also been living at home, but instead of saving money she spends quite a bit. 2 new cars within 3 years, large tattoos, vacations, etc. She has a large storage unit filled with stuff she claims she has bought for when she buys a house.

I don’t care how she spends her money, but she makes significantly more than me and has wiped most of her savings out by living like this.

Instead of them waiting like I asked, they went ahead and told her. They claimed it was “too difficult” to keep it a secret and that she “knew something was going on”.

Things are getting ugly…

Now she is basically throwing a tantrum saying that it isn’t fair I get to buy a house and she doesn’t, claiming that they never helped her with anything, etc. Every time she sees me she is ****** off and starts a fight.

I told them that this was what was going to happen and they claim that they couldn’t have known/didn’t think she was going to act like this.

I feel like I am rightfully upset about this, but they say I am acting like a child and need to just get over it.


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Thanks for nothing, Mom and Dad!

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