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Wife Didn’t Want to Share Her Gluten-Free Pizza With Guests, But Her Husband Freaked Out Because She Didn’t Have A Good Attitude

by Matthew Gilligan

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If you’re dining with someone who has celiac disease or some other kind of condition that forces them to maintain a gluten-free diet, just let them be and don’t try to eat any of their food.

They already have limited food options, so just slowly back away and let them enjoy their meal.

Well, that’s how I handle things, but this woman’s husband obviously didn’t get the memo.

Take a look at what happened when things got ugly during a meal.

AITA for not wanting to share a personal sized pizza with three other people?

“I (F35) am gluten free (celiac) and have been for over half my life. My husband (M35) is not. We had two friends stopping by for dinner who are also not gluten free.

My husband suggested we get pizza and mentioned to me that one of the friends only eats chicken as far as meat goes, so I should factor that into my order.

I said, “well that doesn’t really affect me since I wasn’t planning on sharing, but noted, I’ll see what options they have for her.”

Things blew up.

Husband freaks out at me, because apparently I’m being ungrateful?

He asked why I didn’t want to share and I said, “the gluten free pizzas are basically personal pizzas, and I regularly eat the whole thing when we order it. I’m supposed to offer half of mine to other people when I can’t eat what they are eating?”

He wouldn’t hear me at all and said if I didn’t want to share I could pay for my own pizza myself.

I don’t really care about paying for it myself but the idea that I’m supposed to give away some of my dinner when I can’t eat what other people are eating is stupid to me.

It’s not like we are ordering every pizza gluten free.

What’s the deal?

It just doesn’t make sense!

They eat my food, I can’t eat their food. I can understand the principle of offering but… one gf pizza from this place is only enough for one person.

If we were getting multiple gf ones I’d absolutely share, but they got two larges for the three of them.

He continued to go on about how ungrateful I was being and said some other stupid stuff before I told him to **** off and went upstairs.

I ended up just going upstairs and not eating or seeing them at all.

I came downstairs later and he had ordered me a gluten free pizza and said from across the room, “are you ready for your Grateful Free pizza? You need to have a better attitude about things that aren’t yours in the future.”

I didn’t reply or eat the pizza (I was already heating something else up and hadn’t noticed the pizza, but I will eat it later because I’m pregnant and starving all the time.)

Just for the record, this has happened before several years ago where we ordered pizza and only one gf for me, and it arrived and everyone thought mine looked super good (I don’t order regular pepperoni/tomato sauce) so the four other people (husband included) took over half my pizza before I even got a bite.

It ****** me off because I then didn’t have enough food and they still had plenty PLUS pieces of mine. So perhaps this is a sore subject for me.

Again, I’m also pregnant, though this would still bother me if I weren’t.

AITA and being ungrateful?”

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Let’s all just agree to let gluten-free people eat in peace, okay?

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