June 16, 2024 at 11:20 pm

She Keeps Asking Her Friend To Stop Vaping In Their Hotel Room, But She Refuses Because She Insists It’s Not Like Smoking

by Ashley Ashbee

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Taking a trip with friends should be super fun and stress-free, but the smallest little things can make it awkward or even uncomfortable.

Check out why this person got into a tiff with her friend about vaping in their hotel room.

AITA for asking my friend to not vape in an Airbnb

Last month I was on a bachelorette trip with some friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen a while.

I’ve recently learned that she vapes quite a bit.

That wouldn’t have been a problem if they had agreed on how to handle her habit.

She was continuing to vape indoors inside the Airbnb, which was booked under my name.

The rules said no smoking, so I asked her to respect the house and not vape inside.

She kept insisting I needed to chill, that I was overreacting.

Then she gave me a lecture about how vaping is different from smoking.

But it seemed futile to persist any further.

She said she has vaped in Airbnbs before and no one ever found out.

I continued to ask her to not do it but just gave up after a point.

I still think about this sometimes and how disrespectful my friend was and it does make me see her in a different light.


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A lot of people gave speeches about how vaping doesn’t create smoke.

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Some people shared vaping stories and they’re mostly about respectful ways they deal with it.

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I completely agree with this comment. I hate when people are like this.

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I don’t get it either. It’s like a lot of rude smokers are rude about vaping now.

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I figured there would be more disgruntled vapers, but no.

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Please don’t vape around me.

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