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She Landed The Lead Role In A Play, But Now Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Her To Take It Because She Has To Kiss Someone On Stage

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ahhh, teenage love…

It can be passionate, complicated, and those youngsters tend to get JEALOUS.

This story concerns a teenager who is jazzed up about getting a big part in a play…but her boyfriend isn’t on board because there is some smooching involved…

Who’s right and who’s wrong in this story?

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AITA for accepting a part in a play even though my boyfriend doesn’t approve?

“I (16, F) have been a part of my school’s theater company since I was in middle school. Theater means a lot to me, and it’s given me a community of silly, talented, amazing people that make up my core friend group.

While they would get all the leads for each show (both at our school and local community theaters), I never got anything higher than an ensemble part or a part with a few lines, and it always hurt me a lot because I would feel excluded.

She likes it anyway.

I’ve never let myself feel too discouraged by this, and I’ve been able to do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for shows I’m not a huge part of, like building sets, making props, and directing.

This would always be super fun, but never as fun as being onstage and being a part of all the inside jokes my other friends would bring up outside of rehearsals (and this only added to me feeling excluded).

Anyway, me and my friends all auditioned for a local teen production of Little Shop of Horrors last week, with four of us (including me) all auditioning for Audrey.

Big news!

We audition, and I think I do pretty well, but part of me knows I won’t get the part. Well, yesterday, the cast list came out, and to my surprise, I GOT AUDREY!!

I’m so excited and still buzzing over the fact that I finally have a lead, and one of my dream roles no less. All of my friends were extremely supportive and there was no tension among any of us over the results of the cast list, so I accepted the part right away before dancing around my room and going out for ice cream with my friends.

And then bad news…

When I got back, I texted my boyfriend of a year (17, M) about the news, expecting congratulations and excitement (since he knows how big of a deal finally getting a lead is for me), but instead, he told me I should reject the part because I’d have to kiss the guy playing Seymour, and also generally act romantically around him onstage, and that makes him uncomfortable.

What’s the big deal…?

The guy playing Seymour is one of my close friends I’ve known since 7th grade, and our relationship has always been purely platonic (he also has a boyfriend of his own). I can see how my boyfriend would be uncomfortable since I’d be acting romantically with someone who isn’t him, and with someone I’m pretty close to.

I told him I already accepted my part and he left me on read, and I don’t really know how I’m feeling at the moment. I’m hurt because he hasn’t congratulated me, but I feel bad for potentially hurting him and accepting the part without talking to him about how it would affect our relationship.

AITA for accepting the part?”

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