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She Makes More Money Than Her Sister, But She Refuses To Pay For Her Wedding. Now Her Family Is Making Her Feel Guilty.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Wow, that takes a lot of nerve…

To go ahead and EXPECT that someone else pay for your wedding because they make more money than you do?


That’s a new one!

But it happened here and this woman took to Reddit to see what the folks there think about her dilemma.

Let’s take a look!

AITA for not helping my sister pay for her wedding?

“Me (F30) and my sister Lisa (F26) grew up in a modest family.

Our parents had very small sum to contribute to college tuition and no money saved up for our weddings . They are still working cause they can’t afford to retire.

I went to college on scholarship and hold a pretty good job. I had my wedding last year, it was intimate but very nice (a bit expensive) that me and my husband paid for.

My sister is engaged and wants a nice wedding like mine. Except she never went to college, holds a job as assistant in a shop at a mall and her fiance is in construction. They can’t afford a wedding like mine.

She asked my parents for help but they can’t. They are still paying off mortgage on their home. She asked me and I gave 3k as wedding gift yesterday which she may use for the wedding.

That sounds pretty generous, but…

She called asking when I was gonna send the balance amount and when I said this was it, was mad at me telling how it wasn’t enough for her dream dress even. How she needed way more to have a nice wedding like mine.

I told her this was the gift I was willing to give her. She said it wasn’t fair since I had money. I do, but everything I have is earmarked for my needs. I told her as much. She called me a cheap ***** and hung up.

Now others are mad at her, too.

My parents called me disappointed I wasn’t helping my sister out more since this was all she had in her life. I told them wedding wasn’t a necessity and she should hold one that she can afford, not rely on me.

They are mad at me now as well, and apparently thinking of taking another loan on the house to finance her wedding.


Take a look at what folks had to say about this.

One person said she’s NTA.

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Another individual agreed.

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One person thinks they know what would happen next.

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And this person also said she didn’t do anything wrong.

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I predict a rocky road for these two in the future…

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