June 25, 2024 at 5:26 am

She Used To Accept Packages For Her Neighbors To Save Them A Trip To The Post Office, But After One Of Them Snapped At Her She Quit Helping Out

by Trisha Leigh

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The saying that no good deed goes unpunished exists for a reason, but I really wish that it didn’t.

People who are just honestly doing something nice for someone else should never have to pay for it.

It happens all the time, though, which is something this woman found out the hard way after a neighbor snapped at her for mishandling a package.

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Tell you helpful neighbor off? Great, I won’t be helpful anymore then!

I live in an apartment building in the ground floor (not in the US). When you order something online, the delivery guy stops at my building around noon, I guess we’re halfway down his usual route.

Since she’s home, she figured why not do the building a solid.

I’m a student and every lecture is online atm, so I’m home basically every day.

Because I live in the ground floor, every delivery person rings at my flat so I can take in my neighbors parcels (it’s very common in cities in my country to do that).

Me trying to be nice, I made an effort to answer the door every time it rang, so my neighbors wouldn’t have to run to the post office to get their stuff.

This happens maybe 3 times a week in average, so it was not a one time thing in the past.

But after she accidentally gave someone the wrong package, she decided she didn’t need the headache.

Today I accepted two packages, and when one guy from my building came to get his I accidentally gave him the wrong one.

He came back a couple of minutes later and told me off and said to take better care of the stuff of strangers.

He was not that nice, so I thought the safest way to get your package would be from the post office where everything is catalogued instead of the seemingly unreliable neighbor.

That’s why he and every other person in my building will have to walk 10 minutes to get their stuff in the future. I’m done.

Done and done.

Does Reddit think she was too hasty?

Extra malicious compliance.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

He needs some time to think.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Because of THAT guy.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Some wouldn’t have been so nice to begin with, honestly.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

You reap what you sow!

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I mean, she kind of threw the baby out with the bathwater.

But that’s her prerogative.

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