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She Wanted To Put Up A Fence, But The Neighbor Was Upset Her Kids Wouldn’t Be Able To Play. So She Waited Until They Were Out Of Town And Did What She Wanted.

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Being able to do what you wish on your private property has somehow become such a hassle in the recent years.

If you’re not upsetting your next door neighbor, then you’re upsetting the HOA or a random passerby or honestly, anyone who drives by on a regular basis.

This girl tried putting up fence around her garden so she could use it as she pleases but as it turns out, her neighbor wants to fight her on it.

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AITA for putting up a fence when my neighbors went away for the weekend?

I used to put up fences for a living.

My wife and I (both women) recently bought my aunt and uncle’s old home.

The house has a large back garden with narrow paths along the sides of the house and this leads to a front garden that’s about 1/3 of the size of the back, and is half grass and half paving stones.

They have neighbors either side with the same set up.

There is obviously trouble ahead with these neighbors..

The house is number 85. There is no fence between 85 and 83. 83 has 3 kids under 10 y/o.

My back garden has a lot of space to run around, and as there is no fence and my cousins are similar ages to 83’s kids, my aunt and uncle often let 83’s kids come over and play with my cousins, and 83’s kids have continued use the garden after my aunt and uncle left.

I have nothing against kids, nor does my wife, but we have plans for the back garden.

These girls seem to have an idea for their backyard and it’s not the neighbor’s children playing there.

These include putting up a shed, maybe a few flowers, and we’re starting the adoption process soon so we want our kid to have space to play outside.

I went out and measured the property lines a couple weeks ago, and the husband of 83 came out and asked what I was doing.

I explained about the fence, said I would pay for it, and put it up myself, told him about my former job doing exactly this, and asked when would be best for me to do it.

He instantly threw his answer..

He said not to do it at all.

I asked why, he said they have a baby and I can’t be bashing about with hammers and the like.

I said I would try to keep it down but I would like to do this.

He then asked why I needed to because things were fine as is.

I said it’s nothing personal, but I’m putting up a shed, and I just don’t want his kids coming onto my property and getting hurt.

He wouldn’t let her do the shed or the fence!

He then said I can’t put up the shed for the same reason as the fence, and I could see we weren’t getting anywhere and went back inside.

Then Thursday night I’m coming home from work and I see the dad loading bags into their car.

Saturday morning and the car is still gone, and has not been seen since Thursday.

I figure they’ve gone away for the weekend and as the issue with me putting up the fence was the noise for the baby now would be the time to do it.

With the baby not around, it sounded fair that she wanted to put the fence up without disturbing.

I bought the fence materials that day. I used wooden posts/panels and gravel to hold it in place.

Whole thing was done by Sunday lunch.

The fence posts are 1.8m and half of that is underground. These things aren’t moving until the end of time.

It’s on my property and less than a meter tall so I didn’t need permission from council or 83.

They got back Monday night and this morning I’ve woken up to knocking.

Uh Oh.. there might be some drama ahead..

The husband wants me to get rid of the fence. Says it’s an eyesore and he’s worried his kids will get injured on it.

I tell him it’s on my property and it’s staying.

He says he should have been consulted because it’s surrounding his property and his wife hates it and thinks it’s really ugly.

Legally I’m in the clear.

Morally, am I the a******e?

Geez! How can some neighbors be so self involved?

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This person believes that the girl shouldn’t feel sorry and that it’s her property so she can do as she wishes.

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This person believes that the neighbor simply wanted more space to himself.

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This person knows that the girl could’ve installed the prettiest fence and it still wouldn’t make a difference.

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This person thinks that the girl could have consulted the neighbors before putting up the fence.

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This person has a sarcastic take on the event.

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There’s really no question here.

You can put whatever (legally approved) structures you want on your own property.

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