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She Was Given A Free Bag Of Food By Bakery Workers, But When A Man Claimed It Belonged To Him She Refused To Hand It Over

by Matthew Gilligan

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Who doesn’t love free food?!?!

We all do!

And you can probably understand why someone would be hesitant to give away food they received because a stranger claimed it belonged to them.

Hmmmm, what to do…?

Check out how this woman handled her situation and see if you think she acted like a jerk.

AITA for not giving someone else a free bag of food I had just been gifted?

“Me and my boyfriend were sat on a bench in our university campus, a couple of bakery workers came up to us and explained they were closing and did we want some of the left over food for free.

If you’re in the UK and familiar with the “too good to go” scheme then I believe it was a part of that and the bag just hadn’t been claimed (more context below).

Sounds great!

Of course being given free food in this economy felt like we had hit the jackpot and in the bag was around 3 pastry items and 3/4 sandwiches, we remained sat for 5/10 more minutes before setting back off to our accommodation.

A few minutes later a guy sees us walking across campus carrying our bag of food and runs after us asking if we work at the bakery (I guess since the bag was clearly labelled with the bakery name), I replied that no we were just students and the Bakery had unfortunately just closed 10 minutes previously.

He became standoffish and insinuated that we had taken one of his bags that he reserved, I replied that I was sorry we couldn’t help him but again, we were just students and had nothing to do with the bakery – we had just been given it from a worker.


(Stupidly) I hadn’t actually really processed at this time that we likely had indeed been given one of the bags he reserved since he was too late to pick them up, he proceeded to storm off shouting back at us that we bad people for not giving it him, because he was going to feed the homeless with that food.

After hearing this my boyfriend asked me if we should just go after him and give him our bag and I replied no (in the moment I felt pretty hurt at his aggressive nature towards us).

Its been about an hour now and I’ve been plagued by guilt surrounding it, I would never want to take away from a charitable cause and i’ve been really beating myself up over it, I was just hurt in the moment.


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Sounds like quite a mix-up!

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