June 13, 2024 at 11:46 pm

She Wouldn’t Let A Coworker Have Any Of The Diet Food She Brought To Work, And Now They’re Getting Downright Insulting

by Matthew Gilligan

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The amount of people out there who are pushy AS HELL continues to blow my mind…

And here’s another example of this disturbing  phenomenon!

Read on and see if you think this woman was out of line for not sharing her foot with folks at work.

AITA for not sharing my meal?

“I am very fat woman in my mid 30s, I love cooking and baking and I love to share. I often bring things to work for people to share.

Well I gain 20 kilos last 2 years and I decided I really need to take better care for myself. I found a doctor, nutritionist and trainer few weeks ago and now I am following the regime they set for me.

She’s committed to her new lifestyle.

I have gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, egg/seafood/celery allergy so it’s not exactly easy to cook for me, but I worked with nutritionist and she has made “menu” for me for every day of a month. With amount of food an everything (calories counted).

I spend a lot of time cooking every day and I am bringing food to work with me in Tupperwares. The thing is that according to the doctor I ate really wrong – I was all the time dieting and I didn’t eat enough necessary nutrients.

So the nutritionist prescribed me big portions, especially when it comes to proteins, because she wants me to exchange fat for muscles.

So to the issue – I brought a tupperware of salad, some potatoes and meat with sauce to work. The meat was cut in 4-5 pieces to fit into the tupperware and when I warmed it up I sat and started to eat.

What do we have here…?

My coworker came to me and asked if she could have one or two pieces of the meat and a bit of potatoes because it smelled heavenly and I always bring cooked stuff to the office. I told her no, that it’s my lunch and I have set amount of calories intake, so I am sorry but no.

She looked at me and told me I don’t need this big portion and I should share with her, because it would help me.

I told her sorry, but no and kept eating.

She scoffed and left me alone, but since than she and her “work BF” keep making fun of me for eating like a pig. And that it’s not very effective weight losing since I am still fat.


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Don’t touch someone else’s food…

You’ve been warned…

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