June 30, 2024 at 5:37 am

Mom Lets Her Son Live With Her Rent-Free, But When She Told Him To Stop Policing Her Eating Habits, He Accused Her Of Not Caring About His Mental Health

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/Teona Swift

Some people would just not understand the meaning of a favor.

This son made his mother’s life impossible after she allowed him to stay with her for free.

No good deed and all of that.

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AITA for “not giving a damn” about my son’s mental health.

I have allowed my 27 year old son to move in with me so he can save money for a house. I am not charging him anything even though he has an excellent job.

I want him to be able to afford a house and I don’t have any money to give him. I can do this for him though.

There are some issues.

The problem is that he thinks I’m not taking his mental health into consideration with regards to food.

He has been diagnosed and received help for stuff when he was younger.

To the best of my knowledge he is still on therapy and still taking medication to help him cope. I don’t judge him for this.

She wanted to try.

If I were younger I might consider it for myself.

As it is I would rather just drink and have short term relationships with low class people like myself.

One of the main concerns he has is about how I eat.

I love garlic sausage. I always keep a ring of it in the fridge.

I can fry some up for breakfast, add some to pierogis, or even just break off a piece and eat it cold.

The son keeps bugging her.

My son hates it when I do that. Just tearing off a piece.

He thinks I should take it out, put it on a cutting board, slice off the part I’m going to eat then slice that into smaller slices So I don’t need to bite off pieces.

I told him to stop looking at my food and to stop watching me eat if it bugs him so much.

I also said if it was really an issue for him he was welcome to slice up the sausage and put it in serving size containers for me.

He wouldn’t do her a favor.

He said he doesn’t like to touch meat and that he isn’t my servant to cut up my food for me.

I told him tough. I don’t have the patience to deal with this.

He then throws his opinions.

He says that I’m a bad parent for not caring about his mental health.

I told him to buy a refrigerator for his food so he does not have to see mine.

He also has a problem with how I leave half finished bags of chips.

I rarely eat an entire bag of chips. So I will roll up the top and put a rubber band around it to keep them fresh.

Now he wants her to make extra changes..

He insists that I buy some special clips to seal the bag or throw them away half finished.

This son is expecting too much from his mother who is already doing him a favor.

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This person thinks the son is asking for too much.

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This person wants her to know that the son can’t make the rules.

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This person can’t believe the nerves of the son.

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This person is concerned how the son doesn’t care about the mother’s mental health.

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This person thinks the son is abusive.

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Yeah kid… time to grow up.

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