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Sister Bonds With Her Brother Over Nail Painting, But Her Brother’s Girlfriend Thinks It’s “Creepy”

by Heide Lazaro

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I love having my nails painted. It gives them life and color, and my hands suddenly look royalty.

And I don’t mind if my brother paints my nails, as long as he knows what he’s doing and won’t mess up the polish.

But, apparently, for some people, seeing their partner paint their sibling’s nails looks “creepy” to them. Check out how this sister reacted when the girlfriend responded negatively to his boyfriend painting the nails of his sister.

AITA for calling my brother’s girlfriend ridiculous when she said my brother painting my nails was “creepy”?

I (33F) met my brother (30M)’s girlfriend (29F) at a family dinner last night.

They’ve been dating for six months, and now things are getting slightly more serious. He wanted her to meet me and our parents.

Here comes the family dinner.

Things were going well, and we were all having a nice time.

After dinner, when we were all having drinks, my brother told me that my nails were driving him nuts, and jokingly asked me if i’d painted them blindfolded.

I felt I’d done a good job with them, but I have shaky hands. And of the two of us, he’s always been better at painting nails as he was a goth in high school.

Her brother felt like he needed to do something about it.

He stated he couldn’t take it staring at them and went to our parent’s room to raid our mum’s makeup.

Then, at the dining table, he removed my polish and began to paint them afresh. This is nothing new to our family, and basically summed up our teenage years.

Our parents laughed and joked about it, and all the times we’d gotten nail polish on various tables.

Someone’s feeling a little uneasy though.

My brother’s girlfriend seemed uncomfortable and was quiet, just drinking her wine.

I asked her if she was ok, and she mumbled she was fine. But as my brother kept painting my nails, she seemed more and more uncomfortable. He picked up on it, and checked if she was ok, pausing in painting my nails.

His girlfriend then shrugged, and said it was just odd to her, and honestly seemed creepy to her as it was just so strange.

The situation became awkward all of a sudden.

This had us all a bit baffled, and we laughed a little uncomfortably, unsure of what to say about this.

She seemed to get upset by this though, and and stressed it was creepy and that normal families aren’t like this.

The sister obviously didn’t like how the girlfriend reacted.

I got a touch annoyed at this, and told her she was being ridiculous and there is nothing at all creepy about painting nails.

The mood dipped a lot after this, and she asked my brother to take her home. He complied but clearly wasn’t happy.

In hindsight, I’m worried maybe I took it too far calling her ridiculous. I just didn’t like her calling what was a bonding moment for me and my brother in our youth “creepy”. But, perhaps, I should have read into her thinking it’s not normal for families to be like this.

Perhaps her home life wasn’t as nice as ours growing up.

Should she say sorry and be more understanding about the girlfriend?

I just worry I was too harsh considering it was our first meeting. Maybe I should reach out to her to try and apologise?

I texted my brother today to see if things were ok on the drive home, and he said it’d been mostly silent and she hasn’t talked to him today and he’s just honestly confused by her reaction.


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This commenter thinks there’s nothing wrong with painting nails.

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Ouch! There goes the S-word.

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Right on, sister!

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Now, here’s a reasonable prediction.

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How about some friendly advice?

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Wow, that’s 5 NTAs for you, girl.

It’s her issue, not yours. Period.

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