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Some Shady Folks Were Messing With His Laundry, So He Caught The Thief Red-Handed And Ruined All Of Their Clothes In The Process

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@braintax

Ugh…this brings back some bad memories

When I lived in apartment buildings, I always had bad experiences with the shared laundry room…

And it sounds like this person did, too!

Check out how they got a little bit of revenge on a laundry bandit…

Stealing dryer time? I’m not the guy, pal.

“I was living in an apartment and we shared a pretty small laundry room.

Now sometimes people will remove your clothes if left unattended for too long, but for the most part we all respected each others property.

Well, that’s weird…

I started doing laundry on Saturday evenings, but upon returning to the dryer I was met with very wet clothes.

These machines were known to break but it was happening constantly, so I became suspicious. One day I return to the laundry room and I notice my clothing are in a completely different machine, and my original machine still had 5 minutes left.

Prior to this evidence my roommate was telling me that I was crazy because I can be pretty forgetful at times.

Originally I just started going on Sundays to fix the issue, but a few months later i decided to go on Saturday. I walk in and notice this girl who I never saw around the apartments before and she’s washing her clothes in the sink.

Nothing to see here?

I thought it was weird but ignored it cuz she had a very hippie vibe to her: dreaded hair, armpit hair, her cleaning products were all natural brands I had never heard of.

So i say hi, and throw my clothes in for the spin cycle. And this is when it got weird. The girl was about my age, probably 25, and when i returned to throw everything in the dryer she was talking to some guy I’d never seen before either.

Oh, boy…

This guy looked nuts: missing teeth, scraggly hair, clothing was a mess.

Their conversation came to a stop when I walked in. It was very odd but I was minding my own business.

I also had a Quidditch robe on so I thought maybe that was why they were staring.

As I get back to my room, I just have this gut feeling that those two were up to something, so i head back downstairs.

Our laundry room has a big window facing a bike rack, so I kind of stand off to the side out there and just start watching these people.

And she does it, starts looking around the room, opens my dryer and starts frantically replacing my wet clothes with hers.

I was ecstatic.


I come around the otherside with a big ole **** eating grin and yell, “I CAUGHT YOU RED HANDED!”

She’s like a deer in headlights, and she just bolts past me. Now I wasn’t really upset but I wanted to shame her for stealing.

It’s only $1.25 for a dry and maybe she was down on her luck but just ask for help, I don’t like thieves.

I grab all her wet clothes, walk outside to the kids jungle gym and just dump her **** in the sand.

I was riding that high for days!”

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That’s how it’s done!

Nice work!

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