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Autistic Student Was Bullied Relentlessly By One Horrible Kid, So They Found A Way To Change Their Bully’s Grade So They Wouldn’t Have To Go To High School Together

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/Pexels/AndyBarbour

A lot of us have experienced our fair share of bullying, especially back in middle school. But most of the time, there isn’t a great way to get revenge without getting in trouble.

Luckily, for this person, they found a clever way to get revenge on their bully!

Let’s see exactly what happened…

I got my middle school bully held back a grade so I wouldn’t have to deal with them in high school. (It worked.)

So for context I’m autistic and non-binary (but didn’t know it back than). I got picked on all the time by various people but especially this one guy in my gym class.

He would harass me in the locker room, call me names, spit on me, trip me and worse.

He was basically the reason I never wanted to go to school. He was also in a class that I was the TA for…

Here’s where my revenge comes in.

Let’s set the scene…

About half way through the year, being the TA, I used my nack for memorization and organization to my advantage and became really good at handling grades etc for the teacher and he actually gave me full access to the computer input of all grades for ALL his classes assignments and tests (this was the late 90s for context).

After being shown the ropes of how to input everything and catching on quickly I was practically doing all the inputting for this teacher, and upon viewing class lists I noticed my bully’s name…

They came up with an idea…

So I slightly began adjusting most of the grades for all my bully’s assignments and I kept this up for the last half of the year all the while getting picked on by him and his friends.

He wasn’t able to graduate middle school and had to repeat the 8th grade because he was also having problems in other classes.

I know this because my friends little brother also went to that middle school.

Don’t bully a kid who’s clever enough to get you back. 👏👏 I literally never saw that bully again after I left middle school. Good riddance.

I don’t care what he may have went through, it’s honestly not my problem.

I shouldn’t have been the victim to such horrible treatment just because of who I am, and if nobody else will stand up for me. I will.

Let’s dive into the comments…

This person applauds OP’s actions.

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Another user notes that they were just kids in this story.

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And this user resonates with being bullied.

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Overall, the commenters agreed.

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Sure, cheating is wrong, but so is bullying!

Sounds like OP got the perfect revenge.

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